Lancashire based AV integrator, AV2events was appointed to design and install the audio system

UK - The Backlot Cinema in Blackpool aims to ‘offer a cinematic wonderland, blending local stories with global narratives offering a diverse selection of films’.

The Backlot is also a community hub, committed to bringing people together through the power of entertainment media. Beyond the big screen, The Backlot actively engages with the Blackpool community through local partnerships, community events, and educational outreach programs.

Lancashire based AV integrator, AV2events was appointed to design and install the audio system for this venue.

Lee Wilson, managing director of AV2events, remarks, "With its complex structure and multiple zones, we needed equipment that was not only reliable but also capable of mass flexibility, to meet the customer’s needs. We turned to Audiologic for their guidance, support, and in-depth knowledge, to assist us with the design." The Cloud range of BGM equipment was selected for its robustness, ease of use, and British-made quality.

The complex demanded eight independent audio zones which required two BGM systems to run independent of each other, one to provide audio across the Backlot Cinema and the other for The Backlot Diner, with a link provisioned in between to allow for future coupling of the system should that be the required. As such, the BGM system needed to be as versatile as possible, catering for a mix of input types.

The five customer-facing zones of the cinema have localised audio fed by a Cloud BT1 input plate / Cloud LM2 Remote Active Wall Controller setup, located behind the main ticketing desk, incorporating a mic input, allowing announcements to be made across the cinema. Remote Cloud RSL6W plates were also added to allow localised volume/input control for the respective floors.

Within the main cinema area, the client required a zone specifically isolated from the rest of the venue audio, specifically to be utilised as a VIP Studio, allowing both private bookings and events beyond the big screen, allowing the space to run events ranging from mindfulness/wellbeing sessions and business conferences to karaoke, classic card and board game nights.

The VIP studio area utilised the facility input of the Cloud Z8 zone mixer fed via a Cloud BT1 Faceplate daisy chained through the Cloud LM2 RCM allowing inputs from within the studio to remain exclusively available to this zone, unselectable by other zones within the complex.

The entire system across The Backlot Cinema is supported by 28 Cloud CS S6B surface mount speakers and 16 Ecler IC6 recessed ceiling speakers, providing clarity and harmonious audio across the complex. To comply with regulations each individual system had links into the venue fire alarm system installed to allow full muting across all zones in case of an emergency.

Commenting on Audiologic’s support, Lee Wilson added “Ben Spurgeon from Audiologic consistently delivered exceptional client support and was readily available to address inquiries. His profound understanding of the Cloud and Ecler portfolio proved invaluable in clarifying the routing of sources and distributing signals across various zones on the amp, leveraging features like power sharing. The entire Audiologic team surpassed expectations, ensuring the successful execution of this project within remarkably tight deadlines.”

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