UK - Aurora Lighting Hire is supporting lighting director Gurdip Mahal and gaffer James Tinsley on the new BBC One adventure quiz Prized Apart.

Working with production company Electric Ray and set designer Julian Healey, Aurora has provided a full service installation to the extensive studio lighting set up at Farnborough Five.

In keeping with the dry heat of the show's Morocco based location adventures, LD Gurdip Mahal has bathed the set in a desert glow created using a blend of MAC Viper Profiles, MAC Auras plus Vari-Lites VL3500 and VL2000 that mirror the arid on screen conditions.

Adding to both the vibrancy and versatility of the lighting design, Martin Viper Performances and Rush PARS are mixed with Sunstrips and Shapeshifters whilst Super Nova Flowers, Sharpys and Source Fours take care of highlights and keying.

Julian Healey and Gurdip Mahal have previously been paired to build exotic installations on numerous productions and the overall look and feel of Prized Apart is no exception, complimenting the adventure theme and aircraft hanger style of the studio.

Along with moving light operator Ross Williams and console operator Ges Smith, the team has made full use of Aurora's automated technology to create a suite of dynamic looks that work throughout the studio environment from contestant introductions to the show's exit segment as winning couples depart the studio to head for the plane. Prized Apart airs on BBC One, Saturday evenings at 7pm

(Jim Evans)

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