On Thursday 12 July, a preliminary meeting was held at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre, to seek interest in the formation of an Australasian association for all who share an interest in the art, science and technology of light.

With an overwhelmingly positive responses from this, and a follow-up meeting in Melbourne, organisers Andy Ciddor and Cat Strom (Forcer) have decided to press ahead in establishing an Australasian Lighting Industry Association, provisionally entitled ALIA.

Discussions at the meetings were based around a widely-circulated proposal prepared by Cat Strom, Steve Furzey and Andy Ciddor, the text of which can be found on the preliminary ALIA website - www.lighting-association.com.

It was agreed that a broadly-based and inclusive lighting industry association is a worthwhile goal. Members of Australia’s existing lighting association, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IESANZ), who attended the Sydney meeting, took the proposal to a meeting of their IES Central Executive held in Sydney on the 19-20 July 2001. The provisional ALIA proposal was reviewed and it was felt that there were many areas that could be of mutual benefit to IES and ALIA memberships. A business plan for the implementation of the proposal is currently in preparation. Suggestions, support, comments and criticisms will be gratefully received at the e-mail address below.

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