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Friday, 20 December 2019
dpa-6066carrie-graciecheltenham-literary-festivalCarrie Gracie at the Cheltenham Literary Festival
UK - Clarity, ease of use and the ability to match the colour of the microphone to different skin tones were all reasons why Toby Chevis, director of UK live events company Patch Productions, chose DPA’s 6066 Subminiature Headset Microphones to amplify those who were speaking at the prestigious Cheltenham Literary Festival.
During the 10-day event, the company used a total of 40 6066 headsets across eight venues, including Cheltenham’s Montpelier Gardens and Town Hall sites. Among the famous participants who wore DPA were Andrew Lloyd Webber, Louis Theroux, Rob Drydon and Graham Norton.
“The festival was keen to be as inclusive as possible this year, so being able to offer a microphone with varying colour options and a consistent audio quality was fantastic,” Chevis explains. “I’ve been a big fan of DPA Headset Microphones for eight years now and Patch Productions owns a number of 4000 Series Headsets, but for this event we bought additional microphones.”
Based in Cirencester, Patch Productions prides itself on consistently delivering high-quality technical productions covering festivals, corporate events and theatres. Although this was the first time the company had tackled the prestigious Cheltenham Literary Festival, it has previously worked on the town’s Science and Music Festivals and won this contract on the basis of the excellent services it provided at both of those events.
The Cheltenham Literary Festival was broadcast on Sky Arts, which took a mixed feed straight from Patch Productions’ desk. Audio quality was very important as it was imperative that the audience could hear every word spoken by the authors on stage.
“We did have some issues to overcome because most of the venues were temporary marquees, so we had to contend with wind and rain noise, as well as large audiences who inevitably created background noise,” Chevis adds. “However, the DPA 6066 Headsets were brilliant and delivered exceptional audio quality, despite their tiny size. We had plenty of level to play with and it was very easy to reproduce a natural sounding voice with these mics because they’re so controlled throughout the frequency range.”
(Jim Evans)

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