AxC-AES67 is fully compatible with AES67 and Ravenna protocols
France - Audio network specialist and equipment manufacturer AuviTran has announced the release of a new AxC-AES67 interface. Available from AuviTran’s network of distributors, the AxC-AES67 card is latest addition to the Audio ToolBox suite, the company’s flagship product line.
AxC-AES67 is fully compatible with AES67 and Ravenna protocols, and supports industry standard SMPTE2110, ST2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching and NMOS IS-04 + IS-05. Using one slot of AuviTran AVBx3 or AVBx7 ToolBox platforms, this interface card features up to 64 input channels and 64 output channels at 48kHz. Combined with other AuviTran Audio ToolBox cards, the reliable and versatile AxC-AES67 enables the setting up of multiple professional audio systems while seamlessly interconnecting network audio protocols.
Either operating as a flexible analog StageBox when combined with AxC-AX4M and AxC-AX4O AuviTran cards, the AxC-AES67 is the perfect fit to address complex audio systems that require interoperability with multiple protocols. AuviTran’s AxC-AES67 has already seamlessly and successfully integrated complex audio structures.
AuviTran recently completed an unprecedented triple Dante-AES67-AVB MILAN bridge at the Millennium Centre, in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The venue, hosting a high-end auditorium, partnered with AuviTran to deploy a smart infrastructure that solved complex and intricate bridging issues. The actual workflow integrates AuviTran Audio ToolBoxes and the newly released AxC-AES67 card, combined with AxC-Dante and AxC-AVB (MILAN certified) interface cards, hence building a complex triple bridge solution that seamlessly achieves interoperability with Dante, AVB and AES-67 protocols.

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