Avolites MD Steve Warren takes part in an LDI Projection Live Design Master Class
USA - Avolites' US partner Group One reports that the two companies are "seeing the fruits of our labours" in a dramatic way, as Avolites' new products - including the compact-yet-powerful Quartz console - excite the US market following LDI.

The newest addition to the Titan Mobile family, Quartz was the "star of the show" on stand as it made its US debut at the tradeshow, showing off its on-board processing and bright, vibrant 12.1" screen.

"Quartz is super compact, measuring only 16.7" wide, and is positioned as the ideal companion for lighting projects ranging from touring and festivals to clubs and one-offs," says Avolites Sales Manager, Stephen Baird Smith, who was on-stand at LDI. "It is Avolites' smallest fully-featured console, featuring the same high quality faders and hardware you've come to expect from Avolites, and is ideal for life on the road.

"Offering full compatibility with Multi user, Quartz is also perfect for use as a back-up or extra programming surface, cutting your programming time. Quartz is ready to benefit from multi band Sound to Light Triggering functionality, offered in Titan version 9."

Group One's Brad White continues, "Quartz was certainly the star of the show. With the compact size and power of the console it is a homerun all the way around. We've worked closely with Avolites to build the brand in the US and demand for Avolites products is on a steady increase. With the hardware and the software of the Titan range, Avolites makes it easy to truly love the product. The wide Titan range is truly invading the entire market from the smallest student production to the largest, most complex multi console installations. We are finally hearing less of 'I didn't know Avo could do that'!"

According to White, the team sold every available console on the show floor during LDI, with demand outstripping supply.

Avolites sales director Koy Neminathan concludes, "We have had an absolutely fantastic LDI, perhaps the best in our history as a company. The reaction to the products and features that we have shown has been overwhelming, and now we plan to take steps to increase our activity and visibility in this important market. Expect to find us at Avolites seminars, open days and advanced training sessions throughout the USA."

(Jim Evans)

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