The NAN team with Ayrton's Matt Hallard and Chris Ferrante
Portugal - Ayrton has announced the appointment of NAN Audiovisuais as a distributor for Portugal, with immediate effect.
Founded in 1995, NAN Audiovisuais has established itself as a leading distributor of professional lighting, sound and video equipment in the Portuguese market. NAN's commercial structure, back office and technical support teams work every day alongside lighting designers, rental companies, and technical teams from theatres, cultural spaces and multipurpose spaces, organising demo and training sessions, and providing the best technical support for a wide range of prestigious brands and manufacturers.
"We are excited to become a new Ayrton distributor for Portugal,” says Correia Neves, CEO of NAN Audiovisuais. “In recent years Ayrton is the moving lighting brand that has grown the most on a global level.
“We have been absolutely amazed by the quality of Ayrton’s products. They are true originals, with unique characteristics that offer lighting designers creative opportunities that we can’t find in other brands on the market. We hear praise for Ayrton from every Portuguese lighting designer we speak to, who tell us about the fantastic experiences they had when touring internationally with Ayrton’s equipment.
“The combination of Ayrton products and its people - whom we have known for a long time - offers us all the guarantees that we will now be able to deliver to the Portuguese market. In addition, NAN will provide the commercial conditions and after-sales technical service that our customers have become accustomed to in their relationship with our company.”
Neves continues: “We are a company of people who strive every day to offer the best products and services to our customers. We are motivated by our desire to provide the best solutions to all our customers - whether they are a rental company, an events venue, or creators of lighting projects - to seek out the best brands, the best manufacturers, the best partners. That is also why we chose Ayrton. We do not simply move boxes. We offer solutions.”
“After thorough consideration and a fruitful collaboration with NAN's owner and dedicated sales team, we are confident that this partnership will elevate the presence of Ayrton in the Portuguese market,” states Matt Hallard, Ayrton’s European sales director. “NAN's commitment to excellence and their profound understanding of the industry align seamlessly with our brand values, making them the perfect choice to represent our innovative lighting solutions. We look forward to a successful journey ahead, confident that NAN will contribute significantly to the growth and success of Ayrton in Portugal.”

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