‘The night was a symphony of light and sound’ (Photo: nabscab)

Spain - The newly-renovated Santiago Bernabéu stadium lit up on 18 May with the Telefónica 100 Live spectacular. This celebration of Telefónica’s centenary brought together over 60,000 attendees for a night of music and technology.

The night was a symphony of light and sound, where renowned artists like Alejandro Sanz, Hombres G, and Ana Mena delivered vibrant performances. Each act was accompanied by a top-tier audiovisual display that transformed the event into an unparalleled sensory experience. The mastermind behind this impressive setup was lighting designer Caco García. Known for his creativity and attention to detail, Caco turned Telefónica 100 Live into ‘an unforgettable visual and emotional spectacle’.

“Creating a show perfect for Telefónica’s centenary and the magnificent Santiago Bernabéu was an exciting challenge,” commented Caco. “We worked against the clock with tight assembly times, but thanks to meticulous pre-production and pre-assembly in the warehouse, we managed to overcome all obstacles and deliver an experience that met expectations.”

At the heart of this lighting display was the Ayrton Cobra Laser IP65 luminaire. With 56 units strategically deployed, these luminaires not only illuminated the stadium but transformed it into a canvas of light and colour. The Cobra's laser beams cut through the air with precision, synchronized with the music to create patterns and shapes that enveloped the audience.

“The Ayrton Cobra fixtures were essential to achieving the visual impact we sought,” explained García. “Their power and versatility allowed us to project light with exceptional precision and intensity, creating visual effects that amplified the emotion of each performance. These luminaires not only ensured optimal visibility but also added an aesthetic dimension that elevated the show to new heights.”

The power of the Ayrton Cobra luminaires made it possible to overcome the technical and logistical challenges presented by an event of this magnitude. The LED screen surfaces were harmoniously integrated with the lighting effects, creating a synergy between light and sound that intensified the audience’s experience. Every note and musical rhythm was accompanied by perfectly synchronized lighting movements, creating a show that left an indelible mark on the attendees' memories.

“The key was close collaboration with the technical team and suppliers,” added García. “The success of this event was the result of collective effort and meticulous planning. The Ayrton Cobra luminaires’ ability to adapt to different situations and their durability make them an indispensable tool for any large-scale show.”

The success of Telefónica 100 Live not only lies in the quality of the musical performances but also in the innovative and powerful lighting that transformed the event into an unrivalled audiovisual experience. The Ayrton Cobra luminaires proved to be the ideal choice, offering an unmatched combination of durability, versatility, and superior performance that took the event to new heights.

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