The BVOCAS2 Omnicare stainless steel Advance outstation
UK - Baldwin Boxall has added a new outstation to their popular Omnicare EVC (Emergency Voice Communication) system.

The new Advance disabled refuge remote unit has a stylish stainless steel finish and has impressed all that have seen it. The unit will include the same features as the green version - raised, luminescent text, Braille and induction loop and is expected to be in high demand.

Marketing director Nick Baldwin comments, "The unit has taken a while to develop because we wanted to get the look exactly right. It has been a complex process but we are very pleased with the final result."

In 2001 Baldwin Boxall launched CommuniCare, which was the first disabled refuge system on the market. This was soon followed by two other popular EVC systems ('FireCare' fire telephone system and 'AssureCare' emergency call point system. Before long, an Advance disabled refuge system (CommuniCare Advance) was developed to further complement the range.

Demand for these systems rapidly increased, with many sites opting to install more than one type of system - particularly disabled refuge and fire telephones. This involved the need for two sets of wiring, two control panels (more if the systems required networking), as well as independent installation and commissioning processes. Clearly, something needed to be done.

In 2008 Baldwin Boxall developed OmniCare - again, the first system of its kind - capable of including all the company's 'CARE' outstations on a single network, with one point of control. The system being flexible enough to add more control or slave panels if the customer required.

Baldwin Boxall did not stop there, however, they introduced new styles of outstation to the range: green emergency (steward) telephones; a combined 'fire telephone and disabled refuge' outstation; and even the ability to connect disabled toilet alarms. Now, with the introduction of their unequalled stainless steel Advance remote, customers are given even more choice.

OmniCare is as popular as ever and in constant production at the company's factory in East Sussex, UK.

(Jim Evans)

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