Hanging out in Alabama
USA - - A weekend at the ocean can be entertainment enough, but Alabama's Hangout Music Festival took that sentiment and expounded upon with multiple stages scattered across the sandy beaches and ocean backdrop with lighting from Bandit Lites.

The event provided not only a view of paradise, but the sounds of the Foo Fighters, Beck, the Zac Brown Band, Umphrey's McGee, Skrillex, My Morning Jacket, Foster the People, Paramore and Spoon. With a Ferris wheel, a beach house hangout, VIP areas, gourmet beach fare and a viewing tower known as the Mega Drop, this year's festival also touted a hip craft beer courtyard that boasted draughts from Goose Island, Lagunitas, New Belgium, Straight to Ale, Southern Tier and Abita.

Designed by Dizzy Gosnell, Bandit provided six trusses for the main stage's overhead lighting rig loaded with VL 3000 Spots, VL3000 washes, VL 3500 washes, Sharpys, Atomic Strobes, and 4 lite DWE Moles as the main illumination for all of the acts controlled with 2x Grand MA2 Lighting desks.

"Hangout pretty much starts our festival season and it's become one of the more unique festivals," Dizzy said. "Right on the beach, palm trees for days, and some really top bands and acts on all stages. All the systems were designed to give the visiting band designers a rig that can generate big fat looks. With 20-40,000 people watching some of the stages, there is no need for finesse. What I call 'helicopter looks' are the order of the day for the headliners really, stuff you can see from a ΒΌ mile away."

Additional gear included 4 Lite Moles, old school PAR 64's and Color Blast 12s for the FOH Lighting and Stage Scrims and Lycian M2 follow spots as part of the FOH package. For the Foo Fighters set Friday evening, Bandit provided 42 GLP Impressions, and 18 DWE 2 Lites as part of a supplemental lighting package. "They were used on six additional trusses underhung upstage in two groups of three to form a back wall," explained Bandit project manager Don Lockridge.

The additional stages featured a two truss system with the downstage truss utilizing GRN fixtures for wash colour and VL 2500 spots for specials and coloured texture.

The secondary stages FOH included a network of Grand MA 1 consoles, and Cat 6 Lines for travelling media severs and video integration.

(Jim Evans)

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