USA - At InfoComm 2014, Barco introduced the MMS (Moving Mirror System): a new projector accessory that empowers show designers with total creative freedom to direct sharp, detailed HD images anywhere on stage or within an exhibit.

The MMS augments Barco's large-venue projectors with the capability to broadcast a variety of pre-programmed images. Eliminating the need for custom rigging frames and heavy yokes to position visuals where desired, the MMS system enables the projector to be rigged in its natural position, with the mirror doing all the work remotely. Then, it can be controlled either via the layout of the projector, the Barco Projector Toolset, or with an external lighting DMX desk.

"The MMS is a liberating tool that show designers will love for its unlimited creative possibilities, ease of set-up and increased flexibility," comments William Morris, vice president venues & hospitality for Barco. "The ability to remotely position - with incredible accuracy - any image presented by the brightest projectors in the world, is an incredible step forward."

"We are keenly focused on providing our customers the flexibility they need, so decided to offer two versions," says Chris Ferrante, director of product management for High End Systems. "While the MMS-100 will offer reduced cabling infrastructure and high-powered GPU-based control of the image in real time, this is not always required."

The MMS is suited for projection mapping, television, stage and theaters, live events, museums, ceremonies and attractions.

(Jim Evans)

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