China - Barco was once again engaged as stage lighting supplier for the recent Spring Festival Gala hosted by state-run broadcast channel China Central Television (CCTV). On 19 February, the eve of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Sheep, Barco helped to put the show in the spotlight with a spectacular visual feast.

As an integral part of China's Lunar New Year celebrations, the Spring Festival Gala is broadcast annually on the eve of the Chinese New Year, when millions of Chinese viewers tune in for festive programmes set against remarkable backdrops.

Mr. Sha Xiaolan, a renowned lighting design director in China, was in charge of the show's visualization component. He previously directed the lighting design for a number of celebrated events, such as the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 and Nanjing Youth Olympic Games 2014, and his work on the gala was equally stunning.

Adhering to the philosophy of frugality, Sha brought this year's Chinese Spring Festival Gala to life using a host of advanced technologies whilst keeping the overall cost well within budget. A wealth of cutting-edge lighting and visualization equipment helped the show catch the eyes of viewers around the globe.

The Barco products used for the event included eight HDF-W26 projectors complete with Moving Mirror Systems (MMS), marking the MMS's global debut for large-scale shows. The HDF-W26 and MMS helped Sha work his expert magic for several programs, including the acrobatic performance 'Blue and White Porcelain' combining distinctive Chinese features and modern elements, producing a stunning visual effect.

"Barco's HDF-W26 and MMS are magnificent," Mr. Sha Xiaolan said after the gala. "I am delighted to have been part of the MMS technology's worldwide debut, and I fully expect it to take Chinese stage design to a higher level."

Barco has provided professional visualization support for the Chinese Spring Festival Gala for 11 years in a row. "We are honoured to play a role in the most important celebratory event during the Chinese New Year," said Mr. Paul Matthijs, senior VP for Barco China and VP corporate technology.

"In recent years, new technologies have seen increasing use for large-scale shows, as well as to spur the robust development of China's radio and television industry. This year's Spring Festival Gala employed many creative technologies for stage design and raised the bar in this sector. We will continue to provide more diversified and reliable visualization solutions for China's radio and television industry, with the goal of helping to create a compelling visual feast for viewers."

(Jim Evans)

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