bb Blanc deployed the Sharpy X-Frames at the Multifamily Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Canada - Vaughan, Ontario-based bb Blanc, a leading name in the AV production industry, has expanded its equipment portfolio with the acquisition of 48 Claypaky Sharpy X-Frame lighting fixtures.

"bb Blanc's decision to invest in Claypaky products was driven by the superior quality and technological innovation that Claypaky consistently delivers," says Adam Palleschi, managing director of bb Blanc. "The choice of Claypaky reflects bb Blanc's dedication to using the best tools available to create unforgettable event experiences."

According to Palleschi, Sharpy X-Frames stand out for their versatility and efficiency, making them an ideal addition to bb Blanc's lighting inventory. These all-in-one fixtures combine beam, profile, and wash functions, enabling a wide range of lighting effects with a single unit.

"The X-Frames can serve multiple purposes, such as backlighting, stage washes, performance lighting, beam effects and gobo projections," he notes. "This versatility provides maximum creative flexibility for lighting designers while simplifying inventory management."

The multi-use fixtures also offer efficiency. "By utilising a single type of fixture for various needs, bb Blanc can simplify its inventory management, reducing the need to stock multiple types of fixtures," Palleschi explains.

bb Blanc deployed the Sharpy X-Frames at the recent Multifamily Conference, Canada's largest real estate investing conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where they played a critical role in enhancing the visual appeal of the event. The new fixtures demonstrated their ability to meet diverse lighting needs, contributing to a seamless and dynamic event experience.

"We are extremely happy with the Sharpy X-Frames, which have exceeded our expectations in terms of versatility and performance," Palleschi declares. "We are excited to see what more we can achieve with these units in future projects."

SC Media Canada in Lachine, Quebec, is the exclusive distributor of Claypaky lighting in Canada. Rahim Nathu, the company's National Sales Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: "bb Blanc is expanding in North America, especially in Canada, and we are thrilled they chose the Sharpy X-Frame as their go-to fixture for their lighting needs. We look forward to seeing the amazing shows they create with these fixtures."

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