UK - Behind the Scenes UK, the new industry charity, has just issued its first grant to a technician who suffered severe injuries from a fall while at work. Dealing with multiple surgeries and a long recovery process was hard enough, but trying to take care of his young family with no income during this critical time proved overwhelming. Then someone suggested he apply to Behind the Scenes UK.

Behind the Scenes UK is modelled after Behind the Scenes in North America which has issued over half a million dollars in grants since its inception. Each application is carefully reviewed by a committee and each grant is tailored to assist with the recipient's most pressing needs. Funds may be used for basic living expenses such as rent or mortgage and utilities, transportation such as car insurance or repairs, medical related expenses, retraining, or funeral expenses.

In this particular case, Behind the Scenes assisted with getting the recipient's car back on the road so he could easily get to doctor's appointments and run household errands. The grant also helped to take care of his children's school lunches and after school care when he had to be at appointments.

The recipient was very grateful for the respite from worry the grant helped to provide. The independence of having his car on the road again combined with the knowledge he could care for his children helped to ease his mind. He wrote, "I just want you to understand how much easier your help is making my recovery. It's like having a fairy godmother."

Anyone in the entertainment technology industry residing in or primarily working in the UK who has been earning his or her living in the industry for a minimum of five years may apply for a grant. Immediate family members, including spouses, domestic partners and dependent children may also qualify for assistance.

Whether you work behind the scenes in any type of performance venue or behind the camera, on the road, or for a company that manufactures or supplies entertainment technology products and services, Behind the Scenes was created to help you and your colleagues in times of need due to serious illness or injury. For more information on applying for a grant visit

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