Benjamin Pro Audio specializes high-end equipment
South Africa - Metric Halo, maker of high-end professional audio interfaces, plug-ins, and sound analysis software, has appointed Benjamin Pro Audio as its distributor in South Africa.

Based in the South African capital of Pretoria, Benjamin Pro Audio specializes high-end equipment for studios, acoustic consultation, and acoustic design. It will handle Metric Halo's entire product line, from its flagship eight-channel ULN-8 preamp/converter to its Production Bundle of plug-ins - and everything in between.

"Benjamin Pro Audio's extensive knowledge of the gear they sell for use in the studio and on location, as well as their commitment to finding the right solutions for their customers, will serve Metric Halo well," said Stu Buchalter, Metric Halo's vice president of worldwide sales

"They're passionate about audio, and they only sell equipment that they believe in. We look forward to seeing Benjamin Pro Audio continue to advance Metric Halo's legendary sonic quality, future-proof design, and superior flexibility throughout all of South Africa."

"There is currently a strong push for better audio quality in South Africa, and we're striving to fulfill that need," said Jacob van der Westhuizen, CEO of Benjamin Pro Audio. "When a client calls with a Metric Halo-related question, whether it's regarding an interface, the MIO Console routing software, or daisy-chaining units, I can walk them through the solution because I am extremely familiar with Metric Halo products. In that way, we strive to build loyalty and trust. In general, we're looking at the long game. We recommend the very best solution for a client's particular situation, regardless of the short-term profit. We're building relationships."

He continued, "Metric Halo is a great company to partner with in that regard. Their commitment to 'future-proofing' their equipment is amazing, and it allows us to recommend their hardware and software solutions knowing that they'll always receive full support. But it's more than that, of course. Metric Halo takes pride in what it produces and it shows. The sound quality of Metric Halo preamps, converters, and DSP algorithms is second to none. We're looking forward to getting more Metric Halo into studios and road racks across South Africa."

(Jim Evans)

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