Bespoke Events' production director, Peter Hope (left) and operations director, Steven French
UK - For Bespoke Events London, the decision to invest in a QC-Check workstation from Data Strategy was a simple one that would quickly make warehouse processes more effective.
Integrated into the company’s warehouse management system, QC-Check tests and inspects the integrity of every electronic device, distribution unit and cable before its next use to ensure the highest standards of safety are maintained.
The company, which creates high-end luxury, and high-profile productions, is reliant on the highest calibre of well-maintained event technology to ensure every event is executed without a hitch.
Bespoke’s production director, Peter Hope, confirms, “QC-Check gives us great peace of mind when working with our accredited venues.” His assurance is founded upon the “…tenfold increase in testing and inspection in the warehouse,” since the integration of QC-Check.
Peter’s discovery of QC-Check on the Instagram feed of power distribution product manufacturer, SES Entertainment Ltd, who precision engineer each custom-designed QC-Check workstation, was timely. The company had been searching for a speedy and reliable process to test its electrical equipment, cable and distros.
Following further investigation, Peter notes, “QC-Check’s ease of use, without lots of adapters, makes things so quick and simple. It even enables us to test our distribution equipment prior to any event. As we were looking for a system that integrated with our rental system and could provide us with test results quickly and easily, it quickly became clear that QC-Check, for us, was the only option.”
Peter concludes, “QC-Check is the only machine in the events industry that is designed for us. It allows users with little experience to test and inspect cables in service quickly and easily. With the time saved on testing, we feel QC-Check has paid for itself and will enable us to scale up efficiently in time.”

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