Technology is at the heart of the operation
Guatemala - Funktion-One has extended its reach around the globe with an installation at Central America's 'first super club'. Blue Box, the company responsible for introducing the loudspeaker manufacturer to Ibiza over a decade ago, has continued its pioneering ways with the first ever Funktion-One installation in Guatemala - at One Club in Guatemala City.

The new 1,200-capacity venue boasts a forward-thinking design that fuses the appeal of an exclusive lounge with a high-energy nightclub. Technology is at the heart of its operation. Along with some of the latest Funktion-One speakers, the club features a video mapping system, which brings colour and movement to its architecture.

Blue Box's Mark Metcalf comments, "Funktion-One contacted me to say they had an interesting project in Guatemala. I have a long standing client in Ecuador and tend to help Funktion-One with new territories, so it was a natural fit."

Blue Box configured the sound system in two stacks. Both feature two F221 double 21-inch bass enclosures on the bottom, two F215 Mk2 bass enclosures in the middle, and a pair of Resolution 3 SH EVOs on top. While the F221 and F215 are both established members of Funktion-One's bass range, the Resolution 3 SH EVO is a recently launched addition to the Resolution series. It is the next generation of mid-high products derived from the full-bodied Resolution 3. Compared to previous models, it has an enhanced vocal presence thanks to the new driver and waveguide combination.

Club One's director, Enrique Ponce, says: "We wanted to go the extra mile when creating this space, paying special detail to how it looks and feels, and even more importantly to how it sounds. The Funktion-One installation gives out an organic sound, which we feel is true to what the club stands for. We are thrilled about being able to offer this experience for the first time in Central America."

While these types of projects can often be the most interesting, they can also throw up a few challenges, as Metcalf explains, "The short lead time and getting the equipment to the venue was a bit of a challenge. They had an opening date fixed and had booked Kascade to perform, so once the spec was nailed down, Funktion-One pulled out all the stops to get the system built and we were then at the mercy of airlines and customs - both of whom caused delays.

"The kit eventually arrived three-days late, but with a concerted effort from all involved - including Enrique pulling cables - we managed to get the system up, running and sounding really good just before the doors opened. We achieved very good, even coverage over the dancefloor and side VIP areas. The customer is very happy."

The club opened its doors on Friday 17 October 2014, with Kaskade headlining a sold out event. In its first month, Club One hosted Eva Shaw and Alex Metric and announced the performances of Green Velvet, Rehab and Patrick Topping from Hot Creations. And it's not just international DJs. The venue supports local talent with Project 1 - a bi-monthly residency that brings premier electronic dance music to the heart of Guatemala City, while promoting local performance and production talent.

Club One's events manager, Mario Camilleri, who has been a promoter at Privilege in Ibiza and for clubs in Holland, says, "Since opening, it's been a very exciting period of time for us - we've already had so many brilliant events. While all that's been going on, we've also been planning 2015's programme, so it's been quite hectic. No matter how busy or stressed we are, we always have a smile on our faces when we open the doors and switch on the Funktion-One sound system."

(Jim Evans)

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