The event space and (below) Blue Parrot's Senior Project Manager, Sam Jones.
UK - Lighting and technical event production specialists Blue Parrot are providing lighting, staging and design services for the 2015 Hidden Door Arts Festival in Edinburgh. The event, now in its 6th year, transforms an abandoned site in the city into a vibrant arts space for the weeklong festival. Live music, theatre and art installations can be found throughout the site which is this year found at the old council street lighting depot in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle.

Head of lighting for the event is Blue Parrot's Senior Project Manager, Sam Jones, who was charged with designing and co-ordinating the project on-site. "There are 60 spaces to light ranging from a small office with a single Par16 Birdie lighting an art piece to live music venues and theatre spaces with full moving light rigs. Many decisions had to be made on-site as spaces became available and their uses became clearer. We therefore have a large quantity of Martin MAC Auras, 101s and Quantum Spots throughout the venues to give shows maximum flexibility."

One of the live music venues features bands performing inside a cage presenting an interesting challenge for the lighting team. "In the cage space we have concealed MAC 101s in the roof rafters and with careful use of haze it's possible to create some amazing beam looks. The venues are very interesting to light and it's been a great creative process trying to find what will work best."

Sam concludes: "I'm very happy with the end result and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of many volunteers who give up their time to make Hidden Door a success each year. It's important that Edinburgh's art scene remains vibrant outside of the Fringe and International Festivals, which transform the city in August each year. The team's enthusiasm and commitment is really helping with this."

The event runs until Saturday 30th May 2015.

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