Bolero Connect works in tandem with punQtum’s Q210 P speaker station

Germany - punQtum has announced a new feature that offers users a direct connection to Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom system. Bolero Connect works in tandem with punQtum’s Q210 P speaker station and offers a cost-effective solution for deployment across large-scale events that require several channels of partyline.  

The Q210 P is punQtum’s speaker station that gives users full control in an easy-to-use and cost-effective package. Riedel’s Bolero system is an intercom capable of supporting up to 250 beltpacks and 100 antennas in a single deployment. It is the most widely used communications system in the major events.

“We can now offer an integrated system on one network, which eradicates the need for a digital conversion box. This means that all channels – send and return – are going back and forth along one cable, which means that a project can have a combination of stationary, wired connections and mobile intercom.”  

The new Bolero Connect feature works as a single network connection between punQtum’s Q210 P and Bolero. Before now, if a project needed more than two channels, the system required a whole bunch of extra gear including three speaker stations and an NSA interface. Consequently, Bolero Connect makes the system not only slimmer but also more cost-effective while enhancing the workflow.

 With Bolero Connect, six partyline channels can seamlessly integrate from one punQtum Q210 P speaker station to Bolero, expanding the communication capabilities of large-scale events and productions.  

Bolero Connect also has a time-saving channel name feature in which the software intuitively passes channel names between both systems. This eliminates the need for labelling, leading to a properly integrated, reliable communications system. Additionally, punQtum’s innovative array of features, including show relay, announce to PA and Logic automatically apply to the Bolero when the two systems are used together.  

“The integration of punQtum and Riedel just made sense,” furthers Lee. “With Bolero Connect, communication will become seamless for everyone, with less hardware, quicker setup time and better overall audio quality.” For users of the punQtum Q210 P speaker station, the new Bolero Connect feature is completely free. If you’re a Bolero user looking to connect the new feature, all you’ll need to do is download a punQtum licence.

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