Studio X Beyond – ‘showcasing the future of filmmaking’

Thailand - Studio X Beyond, in partnership with L&E Beyond, a division of Lighting and Equipment Public Company Limited (L&E), is a virtual production studio recently opened in the heart of Bangkok. On 18 July, during this year’s InfoComm Asia, the studio will host an open house event in partnership with Brompton Technology, AOTO and Disguise.

The event will showcase how Brompton’s advanced LED processing solutions, combined with Virtual Production (VP) technology, Disguise's real-time production capabilities and AOTO's state-of-the-art LED screens, can ‘revolutionise content creation’.

Targeting industry sectors such as film and television production, advertising, music video production, live events, and product launches, Studio X Beyond aims to attract professionals seeking innovative ways to enhance their production quality and efficiency.

Co-founder Arocha Kittivittayakul explains that their goal is to showcase the benefits of Brompton's advanced LED processing technology and other VP solutions. “We aim to highlight the exceptional quality, flexibility, and efficiency that this integrated approach brings to our LED volume and real-time production capabilities,” says Kittivittayakul.

Spanning 300sqm, Studio X Beyond features a 240sqm stage and operational area, complemented by a 60sqm multi-use mezzanine stage viewing platform. The studio is equipped with Brompton’s 4K Tessera SX40 and Tessera S8 LED processors, alongside Tessera XD 10G data distribution units. The state-of-the-art LED volume comprises a 22.5m x 5.5m AOTO RM Series 2.3PP LED screen, a 6m x 3m AOTO MXH Series 3.7PP LED ceiling, and a 4m x 3m AOTO MXH Series 3.7PP movable LED screen. Disguise VX4+ media servers and Disguise RX II ensure seamless real-time playback capabilities.

“Choosing Brompton Technology for our LED volume setup was driven by their industry-leading reputation for delivering high-quality, immersive visual experiences, true colour representation, and efficient workflows,” continues Kittivittayakul. “Brompton’s exceptional compatibility with Disguise media servers and AOTO LED volumes ensures we have an LED solution that meets the highest standards of the global film and entertainment industries, positioning Thailand as a key destination for high-end productions.”

Taking place on the second day of InfoComm Asia 2024 tradeshow, the Studio X Beyond open house event will feature presentations from industry leaders and provide networking opportunities.

Laurence Tse, VP of AOTO, says, “At the Studio X Beyond event, we aim to showcase our advanced virtual production technology. Our high-resolution LED screens, real-time rendering engines, and camera tracking systems create immersive environments with seamless scene adjustments. In collaboration with Brompton Technology, we will highlight the innovative RGBW technology, demonstrating how the solutions enhance production quality and efficiency, showcasing the future of filmmaking.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Studio X Beyond, AOTO and Disguise to host this open house event during one of Asia’s most important industry event,” concludes Alex Guo, Programme Manager at Brompton. “We look forward to welcoming filmmakers, content creators, and storytellers who wish to explore the creative potential of virtual production technologies and see them in action.”

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