Cesar Caceres – product lead
UK - Brompton Technology has announced the appointment of Cesar Caceres, who will be joining the company’s cross-functional product development team as their product lead.
Having worked at Brompton between 2017 and 2019 as product specialist, followed by senior technical roles at disguise and Votion Studios [Hong Kong], Caceres is an expert when it comes to knowing how to use technology to create and deliver spectacular visual, virtual, and live experiences. In his new role as product lead, Caceres returns to Brompton to help lead the way with new and existing products, liaising with Brompton’s key customers across the globe and building deeper connections with them.
“For me, I have the best job in the company,” says Caceres. “I have always been passionate about delivering the best service and experience. The way Brompton designs and manufactures its products and supports the industry is very much attuned to my own vision of being able to offer quality solutions that directly correspond to customers’ needs.”

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