UK - Hot on the heels of his European tour, Bryan Ferry toured the UK with his 'Jazz Age' tour - with production managed by OneBigStar Limited. The set featured a video wall backdrop comprised of 36 CHAUVET Professional PVP S7 video panels.

Six separate 1m wide by 1.5m high screens, each made from six individual PVP S7 panels, were exploded across the stage. The content, designed and created by Anna Boburg, was relayed via a Catalyst media server, controlled from the desk of Ferry's lighting designer, Rod Clay.

"The image on the Chauvet Professional screens has been super-crisp at all times - even when the space is tight. I've been throwing a lot of light across the screens too and still the image is bright and true. I'm really impressed with the quality of the screens and the image itself - the panels have been perfect for this tour," said Clay.

Chauvet Professional PVP S7 is a solid, high-definition video panel with 3528 black face tri-colour SMD LEDs. A tight pixel pitch of 7.8mm makes it ideal for high-resolution graphics and live-action video. It features a high contrast ratio, outputs 1,500 NITS and is designed for quick setup and teardown. Integrated handles allow a single person to rig each panel, and auto-aligning housings further help speed installation while ensuring consistency of the pixel pitch from interlocked panel to interlocked panel.

OneBigStar's Steve Yeardsley explains why PVP S7 was chosen for the tour: "Bryan Ferry's lighting designer, Rod Clay, was particularly impressed with it and because of the size of the venues on this tour a 7mm product would be perfect... and it is. It's worked really well. It's nice and modular, it's lightweight and it packs into cases well."

He continues: "Since we bought them into stock a year ago, we've used them for every type of event - they're so versatile. We'd been looking at video products for years and hadn't been that impressed, but these have the Chauvet Professional name to them and come with the promise of their UK support, which was enough for us.

"When it's assembled in the right way and locked tight, there are no gaps between panels, which is really important. There's a nice consistency of colour, so you can expect each panel to have the same white - which isn't the case with all makes. The access panel is easy to get into and the power supply access is simple and easily managed. The clinchers for us were price, reliability and service."

OneBigStar provided the video, lighting and rigging for Bryan Ferry's European tour throughout the Summer, and the UK tour which ended at the end of November 2013.

(Claire Beeson)

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