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tungstenHelp wanted to save tungsten
Monday, 15 January 2018

Europe - In response to the news that the EU is once again contemplating banning the use of tungsten halogen light bulbs in entertainment lighting, the Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) is co-ordinating a high-speed effort to gather reasons as to why this ban should not move forward, particularly from those who would be materially affected by such a ban, in time to create a formal response before the end of the proposal’s consultation period on 26th January 2018.
“The ban is not strictly new,” notes acclaimed, award-winning lighting designer Michael Hulls, who is leading the effort as a continuation of his earlier ‘Save Tungsten’ campaign. “The EU has been moving towards banning the use of all tungsten light sources for some years. However, theatre lighting has, until now, had an exemption from this ban. This exemption is what the EU is now proposing to end. Were that to happen, it would mean that by 2020 we would no longer be able to obtain bulbs to keep our stocks of familiar, reliable tungsten theatre lighting fixtures, from the Source Four all the way back to the Patt 23, working.”
“What the EU are proposing is a ban on ‘placing in the market,” notes architectural lighting design Kevan Shaw, who has been involved with these regulations for some years, keeping an eye out on behalf of the theatrical as well as the architectural lighting community. “The intent is that product in the supply chain can be sold, but that no new product can be manufactured or imported, and new product cannot legitimately be CE Marked, which can pre

dream-setsDream Sets invests in Vectorworks 2018
Monday, 15 January 2018

South Africa - Staging and set company Dream Sets has purchased the Vectorworks 2018 design software from DWR Distribution.
Mauritz Jacobs, lighting designer at Dream Sets, reports: “As a lighting designer, I have been using Vectorworks since 2014. Vectorworks has all the needed built-in features that I need to create and manipulate plans from start to finish (set and technical wise).”
Jacobs continues: “As you know, our industry is very fast-paced and time is not always on our side. With the new Vectorworks 2018 they have really gone out of their way to make it as easy and quick as possible to get designs out in limited time. Once you know your way around it, it’s easy to do large designs in a limited time period. Also, the set side of the programme has many new features like the event design which speeds designing up on another level.”
(Jim Evans)

anderson-audioAnderson Audio expands EAW Adaptive inventory
Monday, 15 January 2018

USA - Pennsylvania-based Anderson Audio recently added 24 Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Anya modules to their Adaptive inventory, which comprises 28 Anna and 40 Otto subwoofers.
“When we invested in Adaptive almost two years ago, it gave us the opportunity to build on our existing client base and expand the business,” explains owner Chris Anderson. “It has worked extremely well. So much so that we decided to add the larger Anya system to further our growth.”
EAW Adaptive technology is designed for a wide range of applications that require exceptional sound quality, high output and precise coverage. Both the Anya and Anna modules can adapt coverage to any venue geometry in seconds. Because the arrays are made up of columns that hang straight, and are oftentimes more than one, they provide the ideal footprint for applications that require pristine coverage and clean sightlines.
Anderson originally invested in 24 Anna and eight of its companion Otto subwoofer modules. Shortly thereafter he expanded with four more Anna and another 32 Otto subwoofers. After trying out Anya with Anna for a few events, including Scott Hamilton’s Scott Cares fundraiser in Cleveland, he decided that making Anya a permanent fixture in his inventory would be a sound business move.
“For this year’s Scott Cares event we flew left-right hangs, each consisting of a column of eight Anya for the main PA and six Anna for out-fill. Low end was provided by two columns of six Otto subwoofers flown next to each Anya/Anna array,” Anderson adds. “We

k-academyK-academy schedules 2018 workshop programme
Monday, 15 January 2018

UK - K-academy Installed Sound and Live Sound workshops have been scheduled through the first two quarters of 2018. The four different offerings listed below are modular to make individual training programmes customisable.
The courses comprise:
Installed Sound Overview and Applications: A complete overview of K-array's unique solutions and technologies dedicated to fixed installations, including project examples and sound design techniques.
Installed Sound Set-up and Optimisation: From the initial acoustic simulation to the final tuning, this advanced workshop covers all the aspects of the setup of a fixed K-array installation. Live Sound Overview and Applications: A complete overview of products in K-array's Concert Series and Portable Systems lines with a focus on the physics that drive them.
Live Sound Set-up and Optimisation: Applied practices of both a Concert Series system and a Portable System, setup including rigging, wiring and final tuning.
Full dates and details are available at
(Jim Evans)

sennheiserDigital 6000 debuts on Robbie Williams dates
Monday, 15 January 2018

Europe - Britannia Row Productions was one of the first companies globally to make an investment in Sennheiser’s new Digital 6000 series, instantly deploying it on Robbie Williams’ The Heavy Entertainment Show tour, which started in Europe last summer and continues with dates in New Zealand and Australia in February and March this year.
Robbie’s long-term FOH engineer Simon Hodge had used a Sennheiser SKM 5200 wireless microphone for the artist since 2013, but the continuing reduction in RF spectrum prompted a look at Sennheiser’s new Digital 6000 system, which offers the same audio quality as the company’s flagship Digital 9000 series microphones in a two-channel receiver.
“It seemed a very good idea to look at Sennheiser’s digital option as it helps with reducing spectrum usage which, with a show that has so much RF, really helps us,” says Brit Row’s Josh Lloyd. “And once we auditioned them, the sonic benefits were very clear; the vocal sounds a lot more open and natural and the bleed from other sources down the mics is far cleaner and less problematic for us.”
“The process of arranging the initial demo was quite challenging, as the 6000 series was still in the final stages of production and not yet released,” explains Sennheiser artist relations manager Jack Drury. “But we were really keen for Brit Row to try the system with Robbie, as we believed it would be a great fit for the tour.”
A coordinated effort between Sennheiser’s Kevin Gwyther-Brown and Jack Drury, alongside Chris Lamb from Brit Row meant

dreamforceDreamforce delivers with Professional Wireless
Friday, 12 January 2018

USA - Dreamforce, Salesforce's tech conference that recently drew more than 170,000 people to San Francisco, took place on 6-9 November at the Moscone North, South and West.
The scope of the event – of which many parts were recorded, live-streamed, and broadcast – necessitated the use of a tremendous amount of wireless equipment including microphones, IEMs, IFBs, and wireless intercom.
The conference planners called on Orlando-based Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) to provide wireless frequency coordination for the multi-day event. This year there were six film crews covering the convention centre halls and other buildings in addition to all the wireless RF devices that were in use for each show segment in the Moscone Centre and hotels.
“We decided to coordinate the film crews first, since they would be roaming throughout every room and building, and then coordinate everything else around them,” explains Gary Trenda, PWS lead frequency coordinator for the event. “Anyone who wanted to use wireless devices had to clear their frequencies through us. We had nine coordinators on site for 10 days. This was a large-scale coordination effort – exactly what Professional Wireless excels at.”
San Francisco has 23 TV stations broadcasting in the downtown area, making available RF bandwidth very limited, especially given the large number of wireless frequencies required for an event of this type. Some of the halls had three different floors, with multiple systems set up on each floor. Trenda’s team coordinated over 200 frequencies for

aquelaredecerveraFirst European sale for Clair Brothers C12
Thursday, 11 January 2018

Spain - Clair Brothers’ Spanish distributor VTècnics has upgraded its touring PA to the new C12 system.
Since the upgrade, VTècnics used the C12 for concerts of popular Catalonian bands La Pegatina, Sopa de Cabra, Oques Grasses, and Doctor Prats, as well as at mass political events, a fashion show in Barcelona, and the MotoGP motorcycle event.
Josep Maria Serra, VTècnics production manager, says: “We are always looking for top-quality, distinctive products and at the time we were searching for a new PA system. The first brand that came to mind was Clair Brothers. It’s a company with a renowned name and heritage because of the great products they design.”
“At about the same time we began to evaluate the idea of approaching the Clair Brothers team about distribution,” continues Serra. “We had our first meeting with them at their headquarters in Manheim to hear demos of their i212 and kiTCurve12+ systems. Meeting their team put us at ease. That’s when I was sure approaching them about both purchasing a P.A. and entering into a partnership was a great idea.”
(Jim Evans)

best-audio--lightingalain-lheriteauBest Audio & Lighting to distribute Elation in France
Thursday, 11 January 2018

France - Elation Professional has appointed Best Audio & Lighting as its new distributor in France.
The agreement is set to go into effect on 15 February.
Marc Librecht, head of sales and marketing for Elation in Europe, says: “A partnership with Best Audio & Lighting was the next logical step for us to move forward in the French market. Establishing our brand in such an important European country is an important piece of our growth strategy and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with such a well-known and well-respected company that belongs to the Dushow Group.”
Best Audio & Lighting’s Sébastien Nicolas comments: “To better serve our business and existing customers it became very natural to offer not only sound but also light. We are very excited to be working side by side with Elation and feel it is a very important partnership for both of us.”
“Our big advantage is that we are very specialised in live events, where we provide excellent support to our customers,” Nicolas states, adding that the focus on lighting will benefit Best Audio & Lighting’s customers and is why lighting professionals like Alain Lheriteau have joined the team. “Now we will be able to expand our business with lighting, also into the installation sector, and we will be just as dedicated to lighting as we are to audio.”
Best Audio & Lighting, part of the Dushow Group, serves large and small rental companies across France and works with major installation customers in sectors including theatre, themed environments,

mulhollandJands named L‑Acoustics distributor for Australia
Thursday, 11 January 2018

Australia - Effective from 1 January, Jands has become L-Acoustics new certified distribution partner for Australia.
Jands will offer technical and design support to customers and product training for contractors and end users. The team comprises production and installed product specialists with decades of combined experience.
“My first introduction to L‑Acoustics was when, along with Peter Ratcliffe from JPS, I visited the factory in 2000,” says Paul Mulholland, Jands’ managing director. “It was clear from our first introduction to the V-DOSC speaker cabinet that L‑Acoustics was destined to become a dominant force in live sound. JPS became the L‑Acoustics rental network partner for Australia and I watched as the pioneers of line array continued to develop ever more innovative products. I am proud that Jands now represents L-Acoustics and excited that our company will be able to provide the best solutions to our customers in the fixed installation and touring market.”
“We have recently appointed two business development managers who will focus on the touring production and live venue markets around Australia,” explains Mulholland. “Both BDMs have a background in the production industry and work with current and new Jands customers to discover ideal solutions for their needs.”
“We’re delighted to have Jands join the L‑Acoustics family,” says Tim McCall, L‑Acoustics regional sales manager. “We have had considerable success in Australia over the last decade and aim to build on this strong base. We have a natura

hg-lighting-design-presentation-to-btsHG Lighting Design makes Pledge-a-Service donation
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

USA - Lighting designer Herrick Goldman, principal of HG Lighting Design, announced last summer that he would be donating a portion of his design fees throughout the year to Behind the Scenes and he recently presented his first cheque to the charity.
HG Lighting Design is the first firm to make an ongoing pledge of a portion of design fees to the charity and Behind the Scenes applauds Herrick for his leadership. HG Lighting Design provides lighting services for a wide variety of markets including theatre, dance, and corporate events, as well as for permanent installations and museums.
Herrick Goldman stated, “HG Lighting Design is thrilled to be a Behind the Scenes Pledge-a-Service Partner and we are proud to be the first design team to do so. We hope that many other designers will choose to join us in this worthy cause. As HGLD grows and adds team members and collaborators we expect our contributions to grow as well. BTS is more important than ever in these times of uncertainty in the ‘gig industry’, supporting our brothers and sisters in all disciplines is a mandate we must embrace.”
Dawn Chiang, a BTS Foundation Board member, commented, “Herrick sets an exemplary precedent by creating an ongoing donation to the Behind the Scenes charity through his design work. He demonstrates that each individual has the capacity to make a difference in supporting their fellow professionals in need.”
For more information about Behind the Scenes, to donate, or to apply for a grant, visit
(Jim Evans)

brptlogo-1Britannia Row confirms training courses for 2018
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

UK - Britannia Row Productions Training (BRPT) has announced the dates of its 2018 live sound training courses.
The 16-week part-time Live Sound Fundamental and Live Sound intermediate courses will again be run twice in the year both commencing in January and September.
BRPT’s core 12-week full-time Live Sound Technology Course is commencing on 8 May.
The three-year BSc Hons Degree Course in Live Sound Production run with South Thames College and validated by the University of Northampton will be commencing in September primarily from the South Thames College Wandsworth, London campus.
Britannia Row Productions Training’s MD Mike Lowe said, “We are extremely proud that over 200 students from our 2013 - 2017 LSTC courses are now earning their living as live sound professionals around the world with sound companies, venues and as freelancers.
“The range of courses we are offering this year gives the greatest choice of learning options to those wanting start a career in live sound, for those already working who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills or for those working in symbiotic areas such as audio equipment manufacturing or various areas of live production who would benefit from a greater understanding of all aspects of live sound.”
(Jim Evans)

aramAram production for New Year’s Eve of Dreams
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Poland - One of the biggest New Year’s Eve 2017 celebration was held in the city of Zakopane, in the south of Poland. The team at Aram, an international full-service stage design and production company and a member of the PRG Alliance, worked alongside over 70 additional crew members led by production designer Giorgos Stylianou-Matsis and lightning designer Adam Tyszka, to deliver state-of-the-art video technology and lightning setup for the event.
Following three weeks of construction works, the stage was built at the foot of the Tatry Mountains, with a spectacular design that was fully complementary to the setting and weather conditions, providing a viewing experience to fans on-site and online alike.
This year’s celebration, broadcast on TVP2, was titled New Year’s Eve of Dreams, and it marked the second edition of a popular TV concert that welcomed a wide array of Polish and international music artists to the stage. The entire show was driven by two Disguise 2x4 media servers and Barco e2. Lighting, designed by Adam Tyszka, was controlled by grandma2 consoles.
Lighting fixtures includes Clay Paky Mythos, Sharp, and CP QWO800; Robe Robins and Spikies; Prolights’ Air6Pix, Pixiebeam and Pars.
“Complex multimedia productions for live events are our bread and butter, but New Year’s Eve of Dreams is a project that went one step above everything else we’ve done so far” said Rafal Mrzyglocki, CEO at Aeam. “Due to the location and the size of the stage, the scope of festivities and many constantly changing elements

outlinecox-farahOutline announces formation of US division
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Italy/USA - Outline has announced the formation of Outline US. Newly created, owned and operated by Jeffrey Cox and Jason Farah, Outline US is now the sole representative of Outline Srl in the United States and Caribbean.
This announcement establishes an alliance between Outline Srl in Italy and renowned audio specialist Jeffrey Cox and Jason Farah, the technical and business authority of East Coast-based Special Event Services (SES), North Carolina.
“We insisted upon creating an operation in the US that had direct connection to the mothership in Brescia, Italy,” explains Farah. “When you are working with us in the States, you’re aligned with the factory, man/woman brainpower, technical resources and support of the worldwide Outline organisation.”
“We are taking a similar approach that Cox Audio Engineering utilised in 1993 when introducing L-Acoustics in the US,” notes Cox. “Direct, focused attention caused the spectacular presence, acceptance and growth of that company and I’m confident we’ll have similar results with Outline as we put the company’s extremely innovative technologies and products forward in the US.”
With access to an extensive inventory of Outline products through SES, Outline US is immediately capable of providing product demonstrations, performances and alternative product presentations. “We are already fielding some long-standing inquires and requests emanating from the States,” says Farah.
Outline US is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Taos, New Mexico. Cox notes that the two

adamplasaPLASA appoints new chair and board members
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

PLASA has announced changes to its elected board including the appointment of Adam Blaxill as the new chair.
Blaxill joined the PLASA Board as the Professional Services Representative in 2012 and was elected as vice-chair in 2014. He has been voted as the new chair of PLASA through a simple majority vote.
Blaxill takes over from Ed Pagett who has served as chair for an extended seven years. During this time Pagett oversaw the de-merger with ESTA with the support of an executive committee which included Blaxill as vice-chair and Martin Hawthorn as treasurer. This valuable work enabled the survival and growth of PLASA.
Pagett will continue to serve as a non-executive director, contributing his extensive knowledge and expertise to advise and support the association as it continues its work in the industry.
As a director of Stage Electrics - one of the UK’s leading integrators and suppliers for entertainment technology - Blaxill’s far-reaching expertise includes hire, sales, events, and installation, as well as testing and servicing operations at regional and national levels.
Peter Heath, managing director of PLASA, says: “We are very much looking forward to having Adam as our Chair and have faith in his knowledge and guidance. I would like to extend my thanks to Ed, who has been an extremely valuable Chair since 2011 - we are delighted he will continue to work with us in his new role as non-executive director.
“PLASA has gone from strength to strength in recent years. We have made internal changes to ensure teams are all working fr

glasgowpressrelease-tousePLASA Focus Glasgow adds ABTT, Funktion One and BECTU to seminar programme
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

UK - PLASA has announced the final additions to the programme for PLASA Focus Glasgow 2018 taking place at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) 17-18 January. Free registration is still open for the show which offers inspiring seminars, technical workshops, and cutting-edge training sessions.
Funktion One founder, Tony Andrews will be hosting a seminar, in association with, which will delve into the audio quality differences between file formats, file players, sound cards, and mixers using state-of-the-art Funktion One equipment. Observations and questions are welcome throughout the presentation.
KV2 are set to demonstrate their latest loudspeaker products which are already making impressions internationally within theatre, worship, corporate, and DJ sectors. With demonstrations running throughout the show, visitors can inspect the ultra-compact passive ESD 25 loudspeaker with active EX 1.5 subwoofer and the active full-range EX 15 loudspeaker at their leisure.
BECTU will be sharing findings from their research on long-hours culture in the creative sector. Dubbed ‘Eyes Half Shut’, this report revealed shocking working practices, particularly in film and TV. Furthermore, they uncovered a widespread belief that poor management is to blame rather than business pressures. This stimulating seminar will invite discussion from the audience.
Also scheduled to appear is Robin Townley, CEO of The Association of British Theatre Technicians, who will be unpicking the implications of Scottish legislation on the use of industry codes

allenheathlivesoundtouringmanagermichaelbangsAllen & Heath schedules NAMM masterclasses
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

USA - Allen & Heath will present a wide range of classes at the inaugural AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium to be held concurrently with the 2018 NAMM Show.
Jeff Hawley, marketing manager for Allen & Heath USA commented, “We are proud to join a select group of respected pro audio manufacturers in support of AES and NAMM to provide top-tier training for engineers of all levels and backgrounds. Allen & Heath will offer something for everyone at this symposium from focused masterclass-style sessions to a full dLive certification class with InfoComm International Renewal Units (RU).”
Michael Bangs, veteran FOH and monitor engineer (Katy Perry, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith) and Allen & Heath USA live sound touring manager, will present three 60-minute Masterclass sessions to share tips and tricks accumulated over his years of experience on the road working closely with engineers of all levels.
Bangs’ first session, a specialised Festival Mixing Masterclass, will offer hands-on training with emphasis on the quick changeovers needed in a high-pressure festival environment.
Focused on the special needs of the church audio operator, Bangs' second AES@NAMM session, House of Worship Masterclass, will demonstrate general concepts as well as dLive-specific tips and tricks for improving worship mix intelligibility and balance. Whether mixing for a congregation of 50 or 5000, a single guitar and vocal or a full praise band and worship leaders, this session will present the skills to deliver an optimal audio experience.

ald2017michaelnorthenawardwinnershectormurrayjessbernbergjackcoleman2017 Michael Northen Bursary Award winners
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

UK - The Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) announced the winners of its Michael Northen Award at the Annual Lighting Lunch on 18 December 2017 in London.
The Michael Northen Award is supported by a further two awards: the Francis Reid Award and the ETC Lighting Award; and is awarded annually to students studying in the UK, who have demonstrated strong, imaginative and creative lighting design.
Underlining its commitment to the nurturing of new talent in lighting design, the ALD placed the organisation and management of this year’s award into the hands of those closest to its effect; the ALD Student Committee. Head of the committee, Rory Beaton explains, “We have taken some time this year to implement improvements to the structure and processes of the award. As an example, to ensure greater consistency in the marking of the award we created more judges this year, all marking separately, to a standardised set of criteria.”
The broader judging panel is comprised of ALD-member lighting designers, as well as programmers and technicians, video designers and Industry professionals from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds.
Incoming chair of the ALD, Johanna Town, presented The Michael Northen Bursary to Jack Coleman (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) who demonstrated a collaborative approach to design using WYSIWYG to communicate his ideas well. His ‘arresting and atmospheric’ lighting design was the result of detailed research.
The Francis Reid Award went to finalist Jess Bernberg (Guildhall School of Mus

hes-etc-distribution-mapETC subsidiaries to distribute High End Systems
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

World - Taking the reins from the former European master distributor AED Distribution, ETC Ltd and GmbH will now distribute High End Systems products in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA).
ETC Asia will take control of distribution for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.
This is the latest step for ETC in “assisting High End Systems to even better serve their customers in the regions”. ETC welcomed High End Systems into the family in April 2017 and has already made significant investments in stocking, personnel and product support. This is set to continue, says the company, with a particular focus on EMEIA and APAC over the coming months.
High End Systems general manager Becky Koester comments: “Since assuming the role of European master distributor several years ago, AED Distribution has made great strides in establishing High End Systems as a significant brand in the region. We appreciate their hard work and acknowledge all they have accomplished on behalf of High End. We move forward in partnership with AED, and they will continue to serve selected customers in Europe and provide sales services in the Benelux, France and UK.”
David Lincecum, VP of marketing at ETC, adds: “ETC remains dedicated to providing a strong support structure for High End customers and dealers around the world. Establishing ETC international offices as the source of support for High End Systems further cements that commitment. Working in close collaboration with AED and our international High End Systems partners, we are very excited about what

blinding-lightTSL Lighting to acquire Blinding Light
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

UK - Dry-hire provider TSL Lighting has agreed to acquire corporate and event lighting specialist Blinding Light.
The companies will continue to operate under their individual brands but under the leadership of TSL owner and MD Sam Tamplin and his senior team, with TSL account directors Dom Sheerman and Loz Wilcox assuming day-to-day management roles at Blinding Light.
Tamplin comments: "Today's news marks the start of a fantastically exciting opportunity for both TSL and Blinding Light. The additional skills and equipment resource within our combined team will be a huge advantage to all of our clients, both existing and new. Our unique collaboration will allow TSL to continue to provide dry-hire, projects and trade rental, locally and nationally alongside Blinding Light's existing focus on the Corporate and Event market.
"We are delighted to welcome the staff and customers of Blinding Light to the TSL family. The emphasis for both companies remains as it has always been - on a personal and individual service - and we are fully focused and committed to continuing this, as our group develops."
(Jim Evans)

venuetechseminarattendanceVenuetech looks to an AV over IP future
Monday, 8 January 2018

UAE - Venuetech, recently appointed as Atlona’s chief regional manufacturer’s representative across the Middle East, Arabian Gulf and North Africa, held a technology seminar in December focused on the future of meeting and conference room solutions as end businesses transition AV operations to IP networks.
Held at the Al Falak Ballroom in the Burj Al Arab luxury hotel in Dubai, The Future of Technology in the AV Industry gave the experts at Venuetech a centralised forum to communicate with system integrators and consultants working in the field. The chief focus was to deep-dive into what the company sees as the most innovative AV and conferencing technologies to address the IP transition and other important trends in commercial AV. Solutions from Arthur Holm, Atlona, Global Caché, and Televic were among those presented to the audience of 100 professionals from around the region.
“Venuetech puts a significant amount of effort into training and education, which allows us to be a more full-service partner for manufacturers. It also helps the systems integrators and consultants we work with more effectively solve problems and address trends,” said Naisvyn Lucas, brand manager at Venuetech.
Beyond offering informative presentations, Venuetech also provided an ample amount of time for attendees to experience working demonstrations of these solutions that were set up at the venue. Atlona's award-winning OmniStream AV over IP solution was part of the hands-on demo with a video wall showcasing its capabilities, including low latency, crop and

westviewproductionsWestview becomes Pledge-a-Service Partner
Monday, 8 January 2018

USA - Behind the Scenes reports that Westview Productions has become its second Pledge-a-Service Partner by pledging to donate 25% of every service contract to the charity.
Westview is an entertainment, energy, and immersive technology solutions company based in Denver, Colorado. Their project process encompasses all aspects of design that integrates with all construction trades to ensure a cohesive and seamless project experience. Westview has global experience in lighting, motion control, audio and A/V systems, media, and architectural systems allowing them to provide comprehensive services as a sole solutions organisation.
On announcing the pledge, Tyler Wise, vice president sales and marketing, says: “Westview has always stood behind the Behind the Scenes mission. Whether it be promoting the Foundation to others in the industry or volunteering at the many events that BTS does to raise awareness and funding. By contributing profits from service contracts to the Behind the Scenes Foundation, we can help support this valuable and beneficial organisation in yet another way. Through this program we hope to continue to raise awareness of the charity, continuing to support our backstage colleagues in their most crucial time of need."
Rick Rudolph, the chair of Behind the Scenes, comments: “We are thrilled to welcome Westview as our second Pledge-a-Service Partner. Their reach into so many different areas of our industry will be enormously helpful in spreading awareness and their financial commitment is crucially important as we continue to assist m

itchy1Patrick Rabus and SGM on tour with Itchy
Monday, 8 January 2018

Germany - Independent lighting and show designer Patrick Rabus used SGM's new all-in-one P-10 for the recent Itchy tour.
Being on tour with the punk band posed certain challenges when it came to equipment - Rabus needed to achieve maximum output with just few resources and he chose four SGM G-4 Wash-Beams, two SGM P-5s, and six of the brand new SGM P-10.
Rabus says: “The new features that SGM has implemented, such as the power-out and the degree indicator on the side of the lamp, make setting up much easier. So, if it has to be really bright and flexible, I'll take the P-10.”
“For bands this size, the budget and the equipment weight are usually the main challenges. Since we were traveling with two Sprinters, there was not much room for lighting gear,” he reveleals. “In this equipment situation, I needed a fixture with a large coverage and, of course, the right output.”
Rabus was thrilled by the colours, powerful output, and variety of effects of the P-10 that works as a strobe, wash, blinder, and effect light.
"Because of the much narrower beam, SGM’s P-10 is especially great as an effect and is what sets it apart from its predecessors. I control the lamp with the built-in Pixelmapper in my console, and this easy setup creates the most incredible and beautiful effects. I also like to use the built-in macros," Rabus explains. "Exactly what a punk band, who likes to stray into tougher tones, needs. Anyway, the band is really happy and of course I am too.”
(Jim Evans)

adamson-agi-jeffkyle-dec17-hrAGI joins Adamson sales network
Friday, 5 January 2018

USA - Worship technology provider AGI has joined the Adamson Network and is now providing sales and integration services for Adamson loudspeakers.
The Oregon-based company recently installed a S-Series audio system at Capital Christian Centre in Sacramento, CA.
“We had the opportunity to hear the Adamson S10 when [applications engineer] Rick Woida set up a system in our parking lot. Within moments, I knew we needed to be involved with this ground-breaking product,” says AGI CEO Greg Slape. “Being able to offer our customer base new technology in form factors designed for their market is exciting. The new IS-Series, along with the S-Series, are premium products with a very good cost-to-performance ratio, providing the HOW community with excellent premium loudspeaker solutions.”
Rick Cole, lead pastor with Capital Christian Centre, explains: “AGI provided an extended demo of the Adamson S10 system in our worship space, and we knew we couldn’t let it leave. The quality of the sound is excellent and easily meets our diverse musical and spoken word needs. We couldn’t be more pleased with its performance."
Capital Christian Centre’s new system comprises a left-right stereo deployment of eight S10 two-way full-range enclosures per side, with eight S118 subwoofers in a cardioid configuration handling the low end.
In addition to enhancing the church’s spoken word applications and contemporary music ministry for weekly services, the system is also ideal for its more elaborate and theatrical Easter and Christmas services, featuri

emeli-sEmeli Sandé switches to DPA's d:facto
Friday, 5 January 2018

UK - BRIT award-winning artist and songwriter Emeli Sandé has switched to a DPA d:facto Vocal Microphone for live gigs after taking advice from her sound engineers.
Sandé's FOH engineer Gerard Albo, who has been mixing her recent arena tour, has long been a fan of DPA Microphones and regularly uses the company's products. However, it was while chatting with Sandé's monitor engineer Andy Williamson that the subject of vocal microphones came up.
"It was actually Andy who suggested the d:facto for Emeli," says Albo. "The d:facto, in conjunction with our Sennheiser 6000 wireless system makes her voice sound very natural, with beautiful definition at the top end. This gives a HiFi feel to her live performances without much spill. On this tour, when Emeli sang and played piano in the middle of the Arena for six songs, I had no feedback issues. The microphone is incredibly stable, even in front of the PA."
(Jim Evans)


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