7thSense Design to acquire Medialon from Barco
Tuesday, 11 June 2019
medialon-logo-webMedialon Ltd. will operate from Orlando with satellite offices across the US, UK and Canada
USA - Barco has agreed in principle to sell the Medialon brand and Show Control activities to 7thSense Design.
The team behind 7thSense Design has led the acquisition to form a new company, Medialon Ltd., which will acquire the Medialon brand and Show Control activities from Barco. The sale is set to be completed by 1 July.
The transfer does not include the Overture product suite, which will continue to be owned by Barco.
Eric Cantrell, product manager for Medialon within Barco, will lead the new Medialon business as vice-president of business operations. He comments: “The decision by Barco to transfer the Medialon show control activity is driven by Barco’s continuous effort to focus on core activities, comprising of display and image processing technology, in conjunction with strengthened partnerships across the value chain in the entertainment market.
“This transfer will allow Medialon greater agility to further enhance its product offering and expand its scale - we are excited to bring a highly focused range of solutions and services to attractions and theme parks as part of the 7thSense Design family.”
Matt Barton, CEO of Medialon Ltd. and 7thSense Design, adds: “7thSense Design’s products and technologies are often integrated into theme park and attraction installations alongside Medialon show control products.
“Medialon Ltd.’s acquisition of the Medialon show control product, and new place in the 7thSense Design family, allows the two businesses to offer complementary media serving and show control solutions to themed entertainment and attraction markets.”
Medialon Ltd will operate from Orlando, Florida, with satellite offices across the US, the UK and Canada, providing dedicated solutions for the control, supervision and monitoring of lighting, audio, video and special effects at museums, attractions and theme parks. 
Members of the new Medialon leadership team will be present at Infocomm 2019, taking place this week in Orlando, Florida.
(Jim Evans)

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