AVer PTZ cameras are the latest addition to Audio-Technica’s roster of partners
Europe - AVer PTZ cameras are the latest addition to Audio-Technica’s roster of partners that integrate with the ATND1061 beamforming ceiling array microphone, delivering in-person authenticity to remote conversations.
Using the AVer PTZ Link software, supported on Windows and Mac, talker position data from the Dante-enabled ATND1061DAN can be used to recall stored pre-set position data configurations of AVer cameras. AVer’s PTZ LINK software will accept the ATND1061DAN multicast talker location data and coordinate with the AVer camera to quickly recall the respective camera preset location and position the camera to the recognised talker.
“Our collaboration with AVer creates advanced video solutions,” says Matt Markgraf, strategic partnerships and alliance manager at Audio-Technica US. “The Aver PTZ Link can analyse the ATND1061’s collected position data of speaking individuals, then proceed to point AVer cameras at the correct person speaking. This seamless system will help many users increase productivity and efficiency.”
Stanley Cheng, vice president of AVer, states: “Our partnership with Audio-Technica has allowed us to reach new heights in video broadcasting. As the ATND1061 is attached above the speakers and remains out-of-sight, it captures high-quality audio, allowing participants to focus on the important matters at hand rather than worrying about how their voices will be captured.”
The ATND1061 Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone is a solution for conference rooms, boardrooms, and meeting spaces large and small. The microphone may be used singly or in multiples (for larger meeting spaces) to capture every person speaking in a room with clear, natural audio that reduces distracting environmental sounds.

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