AC-ET supplies Marjan TV studio refurbishment
Wednesday, 8 November 2017
ac-et-marjan-tv-pic-copyright-marjan-television-network-ltd-pressMarjan has just completed a major refurbishment of its four-studio complex
UK - Persian-language broadcaster Marjan Television Network has just upgraded its four-studio complex with new LED lighting rigs featuring Chroma-Q, Spotlight, ProLights and Quasar Science fixtures - supplied, along with all associated cabling, by A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET).
Designed so that all four of the studios can be controlled from a single gallery, the facility needed to be flexible to accommodate the wide range of productions, whilst maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. The installation had to be energy-efficient with a multi-purpose lighting package that delivered good colour rendition on camera.
Ian Muir, who heads up AC-ET's specialist Film & TV sales division, oversaw the supply and specified a variety of LED lighting solutions, including 22 Chroma-Q Space Force soft light fixtures; over 100 Spotlight Fresnels; and Quasar Science Q-LED linear lamps - to provide a range of tuneable white LED luminaires suitable for the studio lighting.
ProLights colour changing LED effects lighting were used for more dynamic productions. These included LumiPix linear battens and a range of moving heads including Ruby beam lights, Stark400 pixel-mappable wash lights, and StarkBlade8 moving battens.
AC-ET's in-house Tourflex Cabling custom cable assembly service manufactured to custom order lengths and connector choices, nearly 900m of various power, lighting data, and hybrid power/data cabling. Other associated equipment supplied included aluminium truss, TV spigots and black safety wire. In addition, AC-ET provided product training on the lighting equipment and ongoing after-sales technical support.
(Jim Evans)

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