AC Lasers upgrades with W-DMX control
Wednesday, 17 August 2016
AC Lasers upgrades with W-DMX controlAC Lasers, has upgraded its line of smoke and haze machines to feature integrated W-DMX control
UK - Laser and special effects company, AC Lasers, has upgraded its line of smoke and haze machines to feature integrated W-DMX control.

NANO RX modules were installed into Look Solutions Viper 2.6 smoke machines and Pea Soup Phantom hazers to provide full wireless control of the output and variable blower control.

Andy Thompson, of AC Lasers notes, "It is important to have full, balanced coverage of haze in arenas or outdoor festival stages for lasers to look their best, and W-DMX is the only practical solution for us."

Daniel Briggs, of AC Lasers adds, "All of the nodes are connected to a Wireless Solution BlackBox F-1 G4S Transceiver, which supports ArtNet I/O through Ethernet, allowing us to operate straight from the laser control software."

W-DMX's OEM components are distributed and supported by ON LX, an emerging company based in the South East of England. James Walton, ON LX's operations director, was responsible for putting this project together with AC Lasers. He says, "W-DMX offers versatility, quick setup times and a rock-solid connection for professionals like AC lasers in cutting edge arena shows. Even DIY'ers and enthusiasts can integrate wireless DMX in any existent product with very basic technical skills."

David Ferraz, international business development manager for Wireless Solution, states, "ON LX is a valuable partner with a very savvy team - the bespoke projects they put together is terrific. We are grateful they use, trust and recommend our technology."

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, comments, "There is an increasing number of manufacturers using our OEM series to boost the technical features of their products. The majority come to us for the reliable data transmission and outstanding performance that W-DMX can offer."

(Jim Evans)

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