AC Lighting Inc Launches Product Workshops
Friday, 27 July 2001
AC Lighting Inc has been running a series of product workshops in several cities across the US. At Impact Lighting in San Francisco, three days of workshops were held on the grandMA console from MA Lighting, giving both Impact staff and local Union members a greater understanding of the state-of-the-art console as well as a sneak preview of the new V2.6 software. The workshops utilized Impact's own two grandMA light consoles as well as an other grandMA Light and a full blown grandMA provided by AC Lighting.

In Huntsville, Alabama, Theatrical Lighting Services played host to a mixture of demonstrations and training sessions on the Fat Frog from Zero 88 and the grandMA. A wide range of current users and potential future users from local churches and theatres as well TLS's own staff made for a busy and varied series of sessions. Bandit Lites in Nashville held a two-day interactive workshop on the grandMA, the Chroma-Q scroller range, the Pacific fixture from Selecon and the Fat Frog console from Zero 88.

Graham Eales of Zero 88 has been accompanying Mike Falconer of AC Lighting Inc for the workshops in Huntsville and Nashville to gauge for himself the hugely positive response to the Fat Frog console which the company reports has been selling out as soon as they have been arriving in the country. Since April, AC Lighting have held interactive workshops in Chicago, Nashville, Huntsville, San Francisco and Dallas. Further workshops are planned at several dealers through out the summer. If you would like hold a workshop at your premises contact AC Lighting for details.

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