ApexPro and SixDots introduce HH to Botswana
Friday, 3 March 2023
botswana-hh-eventGaborone showcase for HH Electronics
Botswana - Having last year launched Headstock Group’s HH Electronics brand in South Africa, distributor ApexPro recently introduced the company’s range of audio products to professionals and end-users at an AV Expo in Botswana. Staged at the Town Lodge Convention Centre in Gaborone with partner SixDots, the well-attended showcase allowed visitors to experience close-up the quality and flexibility of HH products, giving insights into the wide range of applications they can address.
Demand in sub-Saharan Africa for robust, cost-competitive, high quality professional audio for live sound and installation is growing, with HH Electronics ideally placed to take advantage, according to its global sales director Ian Wright:
“In the relatively short time we’ve been working with ApexPro, they’ve demonstrated a very strong commitment to delivering the HH message to the region. They have a long and successful history in the African pro audio market, with a strong tradition of offering the very highest levels of support and training to their customers. Events like this one in Botswana are invaluable, enabling the very knowledgeable ApexPro staff to really highlight the benefits of our systems in a close-up and personal environment.”
Justin Acres, director at ApexPro adds: “With an emphasis on line array and portable systems for small to medium sized live applications, and a wide variety of scalable installation products, we have every confidence in HH Electronics’ range to provide just the right balance of quality, durability, and affordability that our customer base deserves. Interest at the demos was strong and we’re certain that it will translate into a significant market share for this trusted British brand.”

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