Audio-Technica Headline at Grammys
Tuesday, 20 March 2001
Audio-Technica Headline at Grammys
For the fourth consecutive year, Audio-Technica microphones were the microphone of choice for the Grammy Awards, staged at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last month. Audio-Technica supplied over 370 microphones for one of the most widely-watched music events of the year. On-hand was New York City-based Effanel Music's all-digital mobile remote truck with John Harris at the helm to mix the broadcast sound as well as ATK/Audiotek from Burbank, California, who supplied the sound system at the event with front-of-house engineer Rob ‘Cubby’ Colby. Audio-Technica's market manager for live sound, Joel Singer, spent the week in LA during the Grammy rehearsals to offer technical assistance. Singer worked closely with both Effanel and ATK/Audiotek, providing his extensive knowledge on microphone selection.

A wide-selection of Audio-Technica microphones was employed, including: AT4033a (hi-hat, percussion overheads, bass cabinets), AT4050/CM5 (drum overheads, celli and bass acoustic strings), AT4047/SV (guitar cabinets), AT4041 (percussion overheads), ATM25 (rack and floor toms), ATM23HE (snare, congas, timbales), ATM35 (strings), AT4054 and AT4055 (brass) and AT4071a (audience). In addition, the ATW-7373x handheld condenser wireless system was used for lead vocals by Destiny's Child, U2's Bono and Sheryl Crow.

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