Autograph Blasts into 2000
Friday, 3 December 1999
Blast!, a new musical extravaganza, will receive its world premier this month, at Hammersmith's London Apollo, with an intricate sound and communications system supplied and installed by Autograph Sound Recording.Blast! is a spectacular show bringing together a cast of 70 young brass, percussion and visual performers. Autograph's Bobby Aitken, the co-sound designer for Blast!, chose a loudspeaker system comprising of Meyer Sound MSL-4s, UPA-1s, UM-1s and EAW JF80s. The MSL-4s make up the core of the front-of-house system with the rest of the loudspeakers being used for monitoring, delays and surround sound effects. The speakers are powered by Lab Gruppen amplifiers. 40 Sennheiser radio microphone channels are used on stage and a selection of around 60 percussion microphones are also employed. The show is mixed on a 110-input Cadac J type console and monitoring is via Autograph's most recent acquisition, a Midas Heritage 3000 - purchased especially for the occasion.

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