The performances were illuminated by lighting designer Andrea ‘Bobo’ Amadei (photo: Carol Alabrese)
Italy - Following his success in the United States and Europe, Diodato, winner of the Sanremo Festival 2020, returns to Italy for a tour that will take him around Italian clubs for the whole of summer 2023. The singer-songwriter has already performed in famous clubs in Turin, Milan, Padua and Bologna, where his new single If You Want Me, the soundtrack to Diabolik - Ginko all'attack! was hugely successful.
The performances were illuminated by lighting designer Andrea ‘Bobo’ Amadei, who opted for 10 Ayrton Diablo S fixtures, six of which were positioned on vertical trusses as backlight and four positioned on the musicians' platforms.
“After a very interesting meeting in Molpass I was struck by Diablo’s optics and its internal effects and I decided to use them for the first time,” says Amadei.
“The concept of the tour was an imaginary garden with seven LED panels on stage carrying images of flowers. The Ayrton Diablo S had the ability, thanks to the internal effects and the great brightness, to make everything magical. Being positioned essentially against the light, they managed to create a great contrast to the LED panels, while two Diablo delivered light and effects to the artist in his central position.
“The moment of greatest effect was that of the acoustic solo, in which I envisaged the use of all the Diablos against the light with the aid of gobos and a prism with slow rotations. Thanks to the optics and the CMY system I was able to create colours that I’ve been unable to obtain in the past and I will certainly use Ayrton products for my next works,” explains the LD.
Alessio Franceschini, lighting technician and lighting manager for Sonique SRL, the lighting supplier for the tour, says: “On this tour, I can say that I was very positively impressed by Diablo: a product that I didn't know and that amazed me in every aspect. The first thing that struck me about this fixture is its handling, light, small and also beautiful. It’s not only the body that is its strong point, but, above all, how it works: clean and linear from the zoom, to the focus, to the movements. The internal gobos are also beautiful.
“The low power consumption and the presence of the powerCON TRUE output connector allow for great wiring convenience and speed during assembly and disassembly. The small size of the fixture allows you to use slightly taller flightcases, in which the hook clamps stay mounted, which at the end of the day saves a lot of time and, above all, avoids wear of the clamps.”
Diego DeFerrari, owner of Sonique SRL, concludes: “For the Diodato tour, and all our other tours which range from clubs to arenas, we needed a high-performance product which was simultaneously light and compact in size, because we frequently need to fit into small spaces too. We carried out a product evaluation with several lighting designers with whom we collaborate, including Amadei, and all of them gave Diablo a favourable opinion from a technical point of view. "
To date, Diodato concerts have taken place in Padova’s HALL club, Milan’s Alcatraz, Turin’s Teatro Della Concordia and Bologna’s Estragon club. The tour continues, visiting Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, before returning to Italy in mid-June until the end of August.

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