Bandit Lites adds business manager
Tuesday, 21 February 2023
chase-m-stricklandChase M Strickland – business manager
USA - Chase M. Strickland has worked in and around Bandit since a very young age. Armed now with a degree in business management from the University of Tennessee, Strickland has assumed the role of business manager at Bandit’s headquarters in Knoxville. He is tasked with a wide variety of business functions as he expands his role, working closely with VP of operations Roth Edwards, CFO Sharon Draper, media relations coordinator Sharon Gross, VP of business and innovation Jake Tickle and chair Michael T. Strickland.
“I am incredibly excited to begin my full-time career at Bandit Lites,” said Chase M. Strickland. “I hope to build on past successes that have played a role in solidifying Bandit’s position as an industry leader, as well as provide a fresh outlook on opportunities going forward. I have grown up around this business and I am eager to see what lies ahead.”

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