Behold The Lamb Of God goes Maverick
Monday, 9 December 2019
beholdthelambofgod1The popular holiday tour played the Von Braum Civic Centre in Huntsville
USA - Keeping pace with Andrew Peterson’s gently winding performance of Behold The Lamb Of God as it weaves its way through a mix of words and music is a supple lightshow designed by Winn Elliot and operated by Jessica Sanders.
Elliot and Sanders’ blend of brightness, colour and shadows was on full display Sunday 1 December when the 20th edition of the popular holiday tour played to a sold-out crowd at the Von Braum Civic Centre in Huntsville. Helping them create their flow of evocative looks was a collection of 16 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures supplied by 44 Designs.
Flown on upstage, midstage and downstage truss, the 440W moving fixtures were used to spot performers in all sections of the stage as the Christmas narrative unfolded. During dramatic moments, the Maverick MK2 Spot units turned up the intensity level with sweeps and overhead beams. The versatile fixtures also created a variety of concert-style looks in support of the show’s diverse musical mix, which ranges from the soft rock country tones of It Came To Pass to the hard-driving Celtic-sounding Gather Round Ye Children.
At the start of the show, when special guests like Jill and Andy Gullahorn, Scott Mulhavill, and Sierra Hull appeared, Sanders busked often to reflect their individual styles. “We created a lot of different looks,” she said. “The Mavericks definitely added versatility to the show. Their optics were amazing. I got to change up looks dramatically using their zoom ranges and varying intensity levels.”
Sanders also drew on the CMY + CTO colour mixing of the Maverick fixtures to evoke powerful images during the show. “I especially liked the Magenta I got from the fixture, and CTO additions that made it pop differently. I also programmed quite a few spider flower effects, and really utilised the mapping of that fixture to add some awesome pre-programmed looks. The scenes we developed worked great with the video content created by Chbuike ‘Chibby’ Ogbodo.”
(Jim Evans)

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