Blackout Triple E’s Greed
Thursday, 24 May 2001
Hosted by Jerry Springer, Channel Five’s ‘Greed’ hit UK television screens this month, as contestants battled to answer a series of eight questions heading for a total one million pounds prize money. Pearson Television, London, bought the worldwide rights for the winning formula of US-based Fox Television Network's 'Greed', first screened in the USA in 1999/2000. Since March 2000 it has been sold to 17 different countries, the most recent production being in the UK. It is already a hit in Portugal, Israel, Germany, Finland and Denmark, amongst others. Production company A1 Set was commissioned to design the UK set which features a bank vault, a safe door and deposit boxes alongside piles of gold bullion. A1’s Andy Walmsley, who also designed the set for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, commissioned Blackout Triple E to supply and rig three truss circles, 12m, 9m, and 5m in external diameter, from which 31 VL6Cs, 12 VL5s, five VL6s and four VL7s have been hung to provide the main lighting for the show. "The circular truss are silver and form the ceiling to the entire set - we wanted something that could be heavily featured as a central focus rather than concealed," commented Walmsley.

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