Broadweigh debuts new products and website
Tuesday, 14 July 2020
broadweighThe BW-WM1 Warning Module is a fully configurable three light warning indicator
UK Load-cell company BroadWeigh is introducing a series of new products into its range this week plus the addition of software improvements to their toolkit.
The company, which has undergone a complete rebranding exercise over the past year, culminating with the launch of its new website, believes the time is right to bring the new developments to the market. The design changes have developed as a result of feedback from users, with the current COVID-19 pandemic creating an unprecedented time for pure engineering focus.
From 13 July, two new modules have been added to the 2.4GHz product line as well as a new release of the BroadWeigh toolkit software. Commenting on the design development and improvements, Robert Wilmington-Badcock, managing director said: "We have a clear ethos to continuously improve our products, to specifically develop for the entertainment industry and listen carefully to users' feedback.
“We have to understand exactly what tools are needed to do the job on a tour or in a venue". He continued: "In short, we are committed to continually improving the features and tools within our systems and because we design and manufacture the entire system, we can do this like no one else. The demands in rigging are very challenging and BroadWeigh can do the job."
The BW-WM1 Warning Module is a fully configurable three light warning indicator that can be used in a simple LOG100 mode, responding in the same way as LOG100. A green light extinguishes if there is a loss of signal from any transmitters, an amber light illuminates if any LOG100 display channel passes the warning level and a red light illuminates if any LOG100 display channel passes the over/ under-load level. A buzzer sounds with the red indicator (which can be disabled for quiet use). Alternatively, the BW-WM1 can be configured as part of a stand-alone system.
The BW-BSi is another new release - a base station option which configures transmitters via USB or serial connection.
Elliot Van Laere, sales executive at BroadWeigh explains: “The BW-BSi is the perfect solution for a permanent installation, providing a great solution when distance to a base station is limited.” Commenting on the new Warning Module he continued: “The BW-WM1, though a new product, has already proven an imperative piece of hardware when included within a build. A green light showing all transmitters are communicating successfully, along with an early indication of being close to a pre-set load limit, means you don't have to be present watching LOG100.”
The BroadWeigh Toolkit rounds off the current series of new releases and is designed for its 2.4 GHz wireless product range. The new release offers features which simplify the initial shackle set up, especially for new users of the system or rental houses.
Another brand new feature in the toolkit allows users to access the full transmission power. This applies mainly to users in the USA and Canada but means that, should Regulatory Region Power Limit allow, the radio output on BroadWeigh modules can be increased.
“We are continually trying to simplify the operation of the BroadWeigh system but without taking away any of the functionality," said Tom Lilly, applications engineer. "I believe that the latest version of the toolkit achieves a massive step in the right direction. It now means that if you don't wish to use the 'advanced' parameters of the shackles, you don't even need to see them! Experienced users will still be able to set up the shackles with their favoured settings."
The final piece of the jigsaw is the new website, launched officially this week. Kelly Voysey, marketing manager for Mantracourt and BroadWeigh said; "We've distilled the benefits of the BroadWeigh system down to a handful of points; one of which is ‘Know More Do More’. Our website embodies this and our core message is the more accountable you can be for every rigging point that you're hanging from, the more creative and innovative you can be while ensuring a safe working environment.
“We've also launched an e-commerce shop so BroadWeigh users can quickly purchase spares and have them shipped directly - or get their hands on one of our Broadweigh polo-shirts or jackets."

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