Celestial’s Evolution showcases in Bristol
Friday, 1 December 2023
evolutionmediapress-16‘The cosmic voyage guides viewers through the origins of conscious life on Earth’
UK - This week, Celestial’s epic drone light show, Evolution, was showcased for the first time ever at Gloucestershire County Cricket Club in Bristol to a select audience in preparation for launching the show to the general public in December. Drone light technology is being used to tell ‘the greatest story of all time’ - The story of our evolution.
The story, narrated by Tara Fitzgerald, starts with the Big Bang, the explosive inception of the universe and journeys into the emergence of the sun, our solar system and the planets that inhabit it.
The cosmic voyage accompanied by a cinematic soundtrack, guides viewers through the origins of conscious life on Earth, from the humble beginnings of single-cell organisms to the awe-inspiring reign of the dinosaurs and culminates in a celebration of the diverse tapestry of life on Earth today.
Evolution shows will take place this December in Wolverhampton and Bristol. The event is created by Yuup (the local experiences company), and Celestial (creators of drone light shows for brands across the globe), in collaboration with venue partners Seat Unique Stadium (Gloucestershire County Cricket Club) in Bristol and Wolverhampton Racecourse in the West Midlands.
Dominic Mills, founder & CEO of Yuup comments: “The feedback we have had so far has been extraordinary, and we are more excited than ever to bring this new type of winter entertainment to the UK.”
John Hopkins, Celestial co-founder & chief creative officer adds: “This ground-breaking show tells the age-old story of evolution in a brand new way; using our blockbuster drone art. We’re taking viewers on a unique journey through time and space, encouraging positive conversations about how humanity can evolve into a healthier, greener future.”
Georgie Barrat, TV presenter, states: “Evolution is blending tech and creativity to create a new form of winter entertainment, and it’s a great way for the public, of all ages, to reconnect with science.”

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