On the carpet at the Primetime Emmy Awards
USA - Helping the stars shine more brightly on the red carpet at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles was an elegantly balanced lighting design that featured 124 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by 4Wall Entertainment.
As one of the producers of the red carpet event, Barrett Hall of Invoke Entertainment collaborated with a talented team to create a design that ‘worked beautifully on camera’. “For this event, I wanted to ensure that the lighting was perfect,” said Hall. “So, I brought long-time collaborator Ben Green onboard as our LD, and had 4Wall provide equipment.
“Our ultimate goal was to make TV’s hottest stars look their best on their biggest night as they celebrated their own work and that of their peers,” continued Hall, who achieved this by working with veteran producers: David Jacobi, Neal Roscoe, and Jamie Watana. “How does this translate to lighting? By providing soft, even light anywhere the stars can be photographed or interviewed on-camera by the multitude of media outlets and press in attendance.”
Playing a key role in helping LD Ben Green realize this vision with the team were 96 onAir Panel 2 IP IP65, full-spectrum LED soft lights. Lining the entire red carpet space, from the arrivals area on through the step and repeat, these 1×2 format white light units provided consistently supportive light for the cameras.
“The onAir Panels stood out for us due to their clean black housing, onboard power supply, IP rating, price point, and modern adjustable PWM settings,” said Green. “For this project, having the PWM flexibility was notably important because of how many different cameras controlled by a wide range of different people needed to play well together. This was especially true for the high-speed E! ‘Glambot’ camera taping slow motion reels.”
Creating a richly textured setting in the arrivals area were 16 Rogue R2X Wash fixtures and 18 Rogue R1 BeamWashes. “They were our primary workhorses in this area,” Green said of the fixtures. “This space was a new addition this year and with help from the Rogues, we really succeeded in making it both functional and inviting. While the R2X Washes provided static, warm ambient light, the R1 BW fixtures were spotted down to add a subtle roving spotlight feel that offered some excitement without being distracting.
“This was a team effort,” said Green. “So many people helped us, including John Cox (gaffer); Ron Murphy and Dennis Sisul (best boys), Ryan Tanker (programmer/lighting director), Drew DeCorleto and Matthew Johns (4Wall); Nick Vincenti (staging supervisor), our local 33 electricians, and of course, Salt Productions, as the lead production company.”

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