Clay Paky at Intel
Thursday, 12 July 2001
Clay Paky at Intel
INTEL is the international electronics fair sponsored by ANIE (National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Firms) which stages the World Light Show, an exhibition of lighting technology products. At this year’s event, Clay Paky displayed a full range of products for the architectural lighting sector. INTEL also held ‘Experiencing Light’, organised by Assi (National Association of Lighting Manufacturers), where lighting designers, architects, art historians and philosophers tackled the theme ‘light’ in general, with a focus on architectural lighting. During this show, prizes were awarded to the Lighting Designers who took part in the competition ‘Illuminated Monuments’.

This competition involved the lighting of some of Milan’s most well-known monuments. The event had a number of aims: to enhance frequently-overlooked monuments, to further the knowledge of light among the city dwellers, and to promote design and creativity among young lighting designers. A jury of experts examined the designs and later awarded the monument prize to Cristiana Donzelli, for lighting the monument to Camillo Benso in Piazza Cavour. An important creativity prize was awarded for the lighting of the monument to Vittorio Emanuele in Piazza Duomo, designed by Guido Bianchi and Jacopo Acciaro: the statue was illuminated in such a way that it projected a silhouette on the facing buildings – not a normal shadow, but a coloured one! This highly original effect was achieved by another spotlight at the feet of the statue, which projected a coloured gobo shaped like the statue. The monument in Piazza Duomo was illuminated by Clay Paky Golden Scar projectors with a 1200W lamp.

The gala dinner organised by AEM and the Milan City Council was held in the magnificent setting of Palazzo Clerici. Clay Paky Stage Zooms 1200 illuminated both the atrium of the building and the internal courtyard, bringing them to life with a continuously moving wave of colours and graphic effects, while the CP COLORs coloured the facade that towered above the main entrance to the building.

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