Clay Paky at Sanremo Festival
Wednesday, 21 March 2001
Clay Paky at Sanremo Festival
Clay Paky’s intelligent lighting fixtures played a major role in Italy’s recent Sanremo Festival 2001. Clay Paky was the official lighting supplier for the festival and lit the Ariston Theatre with a large number of intelligent projectors, including 48 Stage Zoom 1200s, 60 Stage Light 300s, 80 Mini Scan HPEs and a number of Stage Color 1000 Halogens and Super Scan Zooms. The Stage Zoom 1200s were used both for general lighting and for a high impact effects, with 20 of the units highlighting the singers and other guests when they entered the Ariston Theatre, via the specially made catwalk. The Stage Light 300, powerful, compact and fast moving body projectors, were installed on the large hemisphere of the back wall, where they formed a synchronised ‘moving wall’ of light.

The Mini Scan HPEs, installed in an arc on the platform, around the walls, along the gallery parapet and at the rear of the theatre, completed the impressive effects. The synchronised units created a ‘wave effect’ from one corner of the theatre to the other. The Stage Color 1000 Halogen units, located at the sides of the stage, provided additional colour to the scene. The impressive Clay Paky lighting system was completed by over 430 CP Spots, which created the clearly visible message ‘SANREMO 2001’ on the stage.

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