Claypaky Sharpy lights Queen of Burlesque
Wednesday, 8 January 2020
claypakyditaglamonatrixlipteese-by-claire-alexander-copyIn Glamonatrix, fans were treated to a full evening of comedy and striptease (photo: Claire Alexander)
Australia - The International Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese, returned to Australia with Glamonatrix, her most lavish touring show to date. It was the first outing for Phaseshift Productions’ Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures. Dita’s production manager and lighting designer, Alex Goldberg, was thrilled to have the new fixtures at the beginning of her world tour.
In Glamonatrix, fans were treated to a full evening of comedy and striptease that celebrated diverse beauty.
“This is the type of show that provides a lighting designer with the opportunity to be an active element in the presentation itself,” says Goldberg. “Often, when you have one performer on stage the lighting becomes an essential part of the show that interacts with the dancers’ performances, keeps everyone looking glamorous, and transforms the entire atmosphere to create beautiful moments. It’s important for me to help the audience focus clearly on the performer while sculpting a beautiful stage picture.”
Nine Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures helped Goldberg sculpt the stage and create an environment, which impressed the lighting designer.
Sharpy Plus is a full-fledged hybrid light. In beam mode, its aerial effects stand out thanks to the unit’s extraordinary light output. In spot mode, its light is diffused more evenly allowing the projection of wonderfully uniform visual effects.
“Considering their form factor, their output is really remarkable,” says Goldberg. “I think the gobo selection has been really well manicured and provides a variety of opportunities for lighting designers, whether they’re focused on air-light or a more conventional theatrical production. There are plenty of options for a variety of situations.”
Goldberg pushed the beam mode during Dita’s Lipteese number, where she straddles a giant lipstick. “The Sharpy Plus really impressed me in Beam mode. I used this effect in Lipteese to provide a hypnotic, pulsating field of tight, white beams that perfectly complemented the high energy of Dita’s performance.”
The compact size of the Sharpy Plus also helped Goldberg make the most of the tour’s limited truck space where every centimetre had to be considered.
(Jim Evans)

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