Fito Páez rocks Buenos Aires
Argentina - Rock and pop musician Fito Páez continued his El amor 30 años después del amor tour last year with a 16 December concert at the Estadio UNO - Estadio Jorge Luis Hirschi in Buenos Aires where 54 Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures enhanced the energy on stage.
The tour marked the 30th anniversary of Páez’s breakout album, El amor despues del amor, the pinnacle of his commercial success. In 1992 the artist sold more than 750,000 copies of the album and played sold-out concert dates. Thirty years later he drew sell-out crowds to a commemorative tour from Gonna Go! Producciones that began in 2022. In the tour’s first year Páez played shows in South America and the US; last year he expanded the tour to include additional South American countries as well as Canada and Europe.
Lighting designer Gaspar Potocnik selected a large complement of Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures from rental house Técnica Vidal to enhance the dynamic shows that thrilled fans.
“The Sharpy Plus stands out for its versatility, colorimetry, motorisation and aperture range. It produces a beam or spot that facilitates multiple uses, making them a very interesting tool to operate,” says Agustín ‘Coqui’ Poblete, lighting technician at Técnica Vidal. The company also supplied the local lighting crew, which included Poblete, Gustavo Porollan, Daniel Toledo, José Gutiérrez and Darío Gil.

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