CT builds Nordisk Film Shortcut LED stage
Monday, 16 January 2023
creativeNordisk Film Shortcut’s new LED Stage
Denmark - Creative Technology has worked alongside the Nordisk Film-owned VFX and post-production company Nordisk Film Shortcut to create the Shortcut LED Stage – a full 360° LED stage, 16m in diameter and six metres high, with walls and ceiling completely covered with LED panels.
The new stage allows film makers, production companies and other visual storytellers to shoot and tell stories in a flexible, creative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.
The project started last year, when Creative Technology was asked to build a 360-degree LED stage in Copenhagen for Nordisk Film, one of the oldest film studios in the world, and its post-production company Shortcut. After visiting the ARRI X CT stage in London, Nordisk Film Shortcut decided that they wanted to create a similar facility to enable film production in a virtual environment. In collaboration with agency Kreaktivitet AS, Creative Technology started planning the construction in March 2022.
Work began with the preparation of the building and the floor for the installation, which weighs in at over 33 tonnes. First, a steel structure was set up as a framework in which the rest of the construction could be assembled. Cabling was pulled out and rack rooms were built. The first delivery of LED panels arrived in July, with a 14-strong team from CT working on building the giant LED volume.
“We started with the curved LED section first, then built the ceiling which was raised to allow us to continue working on the curved section. The last stage included putting up the doors,” says Lennart Franksson, senior project manager at Creative Technology.
Whilst the original plan was to start building the LED ceiling first, the team had to rethink the process due to a transportation delay with the LED panels.
“Our ship was stuck outside Hamburg for a month, loaded with the majority of the LED panels,” shares Franksson. “Unfortunately, the port of Hamburg was closed due to a strike, so we had to negotiate with the supplier and ask to change the ‘port of call’, i.e. the port where the goods were to be unloaded. Just an hour before the ship was due to turn around and head back to Asia, the decision was made that the cargo could go to Rotterdam where it was unloaded and driven by truck bound for Copenhagen.”
With the delivery issues delaying the entire work schedule by a month and a half, the building work became very compressed, and the team had to complete the largest part of the installation in just one week.
“Fortunately, being an international company, we received a helping hand from three of our colleagues from Creative Technology Australia. It was the winter season over there at the time and they had a quieter period, so they called and asked how they could help. It was a true team effort,” says Franksson.
The LED volume began to take shape and finally a completely enveloping 360-degree LED stage was in place, “something that is still relatively unusual as many LED stages are built with an opening and cannot be closed completely,” Franksson notes.
The final LED construction consists mainly of ROE Black Pearl BPv2, but ROE Carbon Black and Roe Black Marble 4 Matte panels were also used, the latter for the floor. These screens were chosen thanks to their renowned in-camera performance, as they have a refresh rate that minimizes the risk of moiré and other disturbances in the camera image.
“Additionally, we could make full use of ROE’s Ghostframe - frame re-mapping technology, which is very useful in virtual production,” says Ole Bergström, project manager at Creative Technology.
CT was also responsible for the installation of the disguise media servers, which play the graphics on the LED screens. A total of nine units were installed, with five RX2s rendering the graphics which are then sent to four VX2s, which in turn send the content to the LED processors.
The installation work was completed in August last year and fully tested before the studio was handed over to Nordisk Film Shortcut. The resulting Shortcut LED Stage is powered by 100% green energy and is Northern Europe's first full-scale LED stage where filmmakers can shoot films and commercials without having to travel to various locations or wait for the right light or weather for their scenes.

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