The Odin Audio Systems passive line array system has been designed with ease of use in mind
Europe - Odin Audio Systems by DAP has announced the launch of its new passive line array system, based on the same Celestion drivers and cabinets as its active line array system. The new passive line array system offers the same sound coverage, powerful bass, and easy handling as the active line array system, but with more flexibility and versatility for professional operators.
The new passive line array system consists of the Odin T-8 satellite and the Odin S-18 subwoofer. The Odin T-8 satellite features a specially designed waveguide that ensures optimal acoustic response in the low/mid and mid frequencies, while the Odin S-18 subwoofer uses an optimised bass-reflex topology to deliver powerful and seamlessly connecting bass. The Odin series uses high-quality construction materials to create a rugged and roadworthy cabinet.
To achieve ‘exceptional sound quality’, Odin Audio Systems has partnered with Celestion. By incorporating Celestion components into its products, Odin Audio Systems ensures that its customers get the best possible sound quality and reliability from its line array systems.
The Odin Audio Systems passive line array system has been designed with ease of use in mind. The T-8 features a three-point one-man rigging system with fixed-angle capability that offers a lot of convenience for riggers. The light weight of the T-8 (only 20.7 kg) allows it to be lifted by one person and setting and locking the required angle is a one-hand operation. The matching T-8(A) flight case is also a great help as it holds up to four units and can be easily moved around by a single person.
The S-18 uses four rigging points to mount it to the Stack Frame and/or Fly Bar, and it has an M20 pole mount thread to create a satellite setup. Two different sizes of nylon fabric transport covers and a castor board for easy transport are available for the S-18.
The system can be used with any amplifier or processor of choice, allowing for more customisation and control over the sound. It also uses the same rigging hardware as the Odin active line array system, making it compatible with existing Odin accessories.

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