UK - Dark Arches Holdings, owner of LS-Live, Perry Scenic Creative and founding investor in Backstage Academy, has acquired Brilliant Stages and Litestructures Projects from Prolyte Group.

This move will allow both entities to focus on their core activities in order to better service the marketplace. For Prolyte this means dedicated concentration on the manufacturing and sale of truss, staging and complementary products like the ProLyft hoists.

Dark Arches Holdings meanwhile remains an independent family-owned group and has identified synergistic opportunities in the three project businesses of Brilliant Stages, Litestructures Projects and Perry Scenic Creative alongside its studio and equipment services business, LS-Live, and the Backstage Academy training model in Wakefield.

As Lambert Bouwmeester, CEO Prolyte Group states: "As a result of this latest phase in the streamlining of Prolyte Group, Prolyte now consists of several sales offices actively operating on the European and Asian continent.

"Without the diversion of project related work, sometimes performed in competition with our core customers, we can concentrate on doing this as effectively and efficiently as possible - providing the benefit of our efforts to our network of buyers and users."

Continuing, Adrian Brooks, Chairman of Dark Arches Holdings, Founder of Litestructures and a former shareholder of the Prolyte Group explains, "It has become clear that dedicated project business was something that didn't really fit in with the Prolyte strategy.

"Litestructures Projects and Brilliant Stages remained islands within Prolyte, their core business focus profoundly different from standard sales and requiring not only a different team but also a different production set-up.

"Meanwhile with LS-Live and Perry Scenic Creative in our business portfolio, we see a clear opportunity to create a strong solution for all project requirements.

"This will in turn allow Prolyte to focus on their core standard product business, and indeed they will remain our main supplier for trussing and staging products."

Completing the company transfer, Adrian Brooks has stepped down as shareholder of the Prolyte Group.

Prolyte Sales UK will continue as Prolyte Sales Ltd., moving to new premises within a short timeframe and conducting the supply of Prolyte Standard products in the UK.

(Jim Evans)

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