DHA’s Asian Workshops
Monday, 6 August 2001
In preparation for the recent PALA 2001 and continuing its commitment to international workshops, DHA Lighting recently organised a day of workshops in Singapore in association with Audio Light Asia. Showing how theatrical lighting effects can be translated into alternative design contexts, Julie Harper, DHA's sales manager for the Asia Pacific region, demonstrated a variety of DHA products. In addition to theoretical guidance and professional demonstrations, the workshop provided hands-on opportunities to experiment with a range of lanterns and accessories. The audience was able to experience the potential of creative lighting when used to produce a variety of atmospheres which can be used across several market sectors, including themed entertainment, architecture, retail and interior lighting.

Taking her audience through a wide range of moving effects, Julie also used the compact DHA Gecko Image Projector, specifically designed for architectural use, in conjunction with its accessories for image animation and movement. The Gecko's style and compact design make it an ideal vehicle for creating lighting effects in any environment where space is limited or high tech design a feature. Other effects were demonstrated using Selecon's Pacific, ETC's Source 4 and Strand's SL lanterns.

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