EM Acoustics: ‘monitoring the challenge’
Friday, 20 March 2020
em-acousticsEM Acoustics - ‘considerable reserve stocks of components’
UK - As with many businesses in the UK, loudspeaker specialist EM Acoustics is closely monitoring the current public health challenge linked to the Coronavirus, and following advice and applying procedures recommended by the WHO and Public Health England with regard to health and hygiene.
Operations director Mike Wheeler reports: “Since we source very few of our components in South East Asia, our exposure to supply chain disruption from China is extremely minimal. Additionally we understand that Chinese manufacturing has resumed to near normal levels, and so we do not anticipate any significant negative effects on our supply chain.
“Although restrictions on the movement of goods in Europe, and particularly Italy, is of concern, we do have considerable reserve stocks of components that will allow us to complete current production schedules without disruption.
“At the present time, we have no staffing issues and our manufacturing schedules are operating as normal. We are therefore able to fulfill all orders for the forseeable future without significant delay. However with new government policies being implemented at short notice we will continue to monitor and heed expert advice, and will notify you of any changes to our activities.
We will continue to monitor the situation daily and will always act in the best interests of the health of our customers, staff, suppliers, and their families.”
(Jim Evans)

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