Essential Lighting Group have increased their stock of the increasingly popular Studio Beam PCs. These automated luminaires feature high-output colour mixing, intense beam shaping and a large zoom range in a compact housing. The Studio Beam employs a special pebble convex lens to produce a variable soft-edge beam without light spill and is ideal for creating strong aerial effects and long throw highlighting.

Essential's Martin Locket and Simon Dunnell used Studio Beam extensively in the recent election rally tour. Working closely with set designer Spike Kilburn, they planned and designed a system using cyclorama behind interlocking translucent panels that would be workable in a wide variety of different venues.

MAC 300 washlights were also chosen to uplight the Cyclorama and provide a number of different looks and effects to the presentations. A box structure of Slick Minibeam truss was used to provide lighting positions around the stage area and was either flown or ground supported. Martin Lubach, in charge of dry hire, regards Studio Beam as an excellentaddition to the range, along with the Space Cannon Searchlights specified by Rainmaker to light Fat Boy Slim in Brighton recently. Because Essential forms part of a distribution network with European lighting supplier Procon, they can access such items quickly and in large numbers if required.

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