ETF sells ENTECH trade show to CX Network
Friday, 27 February 2015
Australia - Exhibitions & Trade Fairs (ETF) has announced the sale of its ENTECH trade show to the CX Network, which is headed by ENTECH founder Julius Grafton.

Having acquired ENTECH in 2004, ETF successfully operated the event for some time and also launched a satellite event, ENTECH-CONNECT which has run successfully in Melbourne in alternate years to the main ENTECH trade show in Sydney. ETF have advised that the forthcoming Sydney ENTECH, scheduled for July will now not proceed.

CX Network operates the CX Summer Roadshow, a touring 'pop-up' trade show. They plan to re-name the Roadshow as 'CX presents the ENTECH Roadshow' for 2016. CX Network head Julius Grafton confirmed today they have no intention of running a traditional trade show in any form.

ETF Managing Director, Gary Daly said: "We are pleased that the CX Network will continue with ENTECH. They an integral part of the industry in Australia and have a detailed knowledge of the market."

CX Network has also launched a new Roadshow aimed at the Information and Communications Technology market. The ICTech Roadshow, which will run in October 2016, will feature networking and integration technologies such as audio visual, control, presentation and collaboration systems for corporate installation, education, institutions and public spaces. ICTech director is Jason Allen, who joins the event as an equity partner.

(Lee Baldock)

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