A major collaboration between companies within the Avesco Group has resulted in large stocks of leading-edge equipment from their respective inventories being shipped to Le Bourget Airport for the Paris Air Show. The newly-created Creative Technology London - set up specifically to provide trade show AV and IT solutions - had a presence on 10 stands and chalets after being contracted by exhibition production company, Photobition Ltd.

CT Hire Manager, Matthew Hunter, explained: "Having gauged the basic specifications and requirements from their clients, Photobition passed this information onto us, and we worked it into the most cost-effective way to apply the technology." For the first time they fielded the new 24in Samsung widescreen LCD screen. "Essentially it was being driven by an aviation-specific piece of software on the Motorola stand, and being video and data oriented, allowed it to behave totally unlike the conventional flat screens." The particular piece of software utilizes data and video display in side-by-side picture-by-picture or picture-in-picture options on the one panel. The Samsung TFT screens were used in the Motorola display and for the US Dept of Defence, while CT-London in turn called on the resources of CT’s head office in Wandsworth to service the Aviation World’s Fair, for whom they installed a videowall. "In all, we used plasma, LCD and videowall displays," remarked Hunter. "So there was plenty of technology on view."

Plasma screens manifested themselves in the form of the Sony 42in PFM-42B1E - their latest display - and all of CT London’s hire fleet was on duty. Projection was provided by the Barco 6300 mid-range and all source equipment was either DVD, S-VHS or running from PC based programmes (with clients rerendering the data for 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen viewing). Because of the loud ambient noise, CT-London also had to provide a high level of audio reinforcement, and brought in Dimension Audio to supply JBL reinforcement, custom finish flush ceiling speakers and AKG and Trantec radio mics.

Finally, CT-London coordinated with American companies - such as Cessna Aircraft Co - to service the IT requirements. "We worked in conjunction with their own contractors to put in wireless networks. While clients supplied their own internet services, we provided the means to get them up on line with ISP account details, and ensured that everything was compatible with their hardware."

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